Irish Fairy Tales, by William Butler Yeats

Table of Contents

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Land and Water Fairies

  1. The Fairies’ Dancing-place
  2. The Rival Kempers
  3. The Young Piper
  4. A Fairy Enchantment
  5. Teigue of the Lee
  6. The Fairy Greyhound
  7. The Lady of Gollerus

Evil Spirits

  1. The Devil’s Mill
  2. Fergus O’mara and the Air-demons
  3. The Man who Never Knew Fear


  1. Seanchan the Bard and the King of the Cats
  2. Owney and Owney-na-peak

Kings and Warriors

  1. The Knighting of Cuculain
  2. The Little Weaver of Duleek Gate


  1. Classification of Irish Fairies
  2. Authorities on Irish Folklore

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