Lyrical Ballads, with other poems, by William Wordsworth

Table of Contents


  1. Expostulation and Reply
  2. The Tables turned; an Evening Scene, on the same subject
  3. Animal Tranquillity and Decay
  4. The Complaint of a forsaken Indian Woman
  5. The Last of the Flock
  6. Lines left upon a Seat in a Yew-tree
  7. The Foster–Mother’s Tale
  8. Goody Blake and Harry Gill
  9. The Thorn
  10. We are Seven
  11. Anecdote for Fathers
  12. Lines written at a small distance from my House
  13. The Female Vagrant
  14. The Dungeon
  15. Simon Lee, the old Huntsman
  16. Lines written in early Spring
  17. The Nightingale.
  18. Lines written when sailing in a Boat at Evening
  19. Lines written near Richmond, upon the Thames
  20. The Idiot Boy
  21. Love
  22. The Mad Mother
  23. The Ancient Mariner
  24. Lines written above Tintern Abbey
  25. Hart-leap Well
  26. There was a Boy, &c
  27. The Brothers, a Pastoral Poem
  28. Ellen Irwin, or the Braes of Kirtle
  29. Strange fits of passion I have known, &c.
  30. Song
  31. A slumber did my spirit seal, &c
  32. The Waterfall and the Eglantine
  33. The Oak and the Broom
  34. Lucy Gray
  35. The Idle Shepherd–Boys or Dungeon–Gill Force
  36. ’Tis said that some have died for love, &c.
  37. Poor Susan
  38. Inscription for the Spot where the Hermitage stood on St. Herbert’s Island, Derwent–Water
  39. Inscription for the House (an Out-house) on the Island at Grasmere
  40. To a Sexton
  41. Andrew Jones
  42. The two Thieves, or the last stage of Avarice
  43. A whirl-blast from behind the Hill, &c.
  44. Song for the wandering Jew
  45. Ruth
  46. Lines written with a Slate–Pencil upon a Stone
  47. Lines written on a Tablet in a School
  48. The two April Mornings
  49. The Fountain, a conversation
  50. Nutting
  51. Three years she grew in sun and shower, &c.
  52. The Pet–Lamb, a Pastoral
  53. Written in Germany on one of the coldest days of the century
  54. The Childless Father
  55. The Old Cumberland Beggar
  56. Rural Architecture
  57. A Poet’s Epitaph
  58. A Character
  59. A Fragment
  60. Poems on the Naming of Places,
  61. Michael

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