Many Dimensions, by Charles Williams

Table of Contents

  1. The Stone
  2. The Pupil of Organic Law
  3. The Tale of the End of Desire
  4. Vision in the Stone
  5. The Loss of a Type
  6. The Problem of Time
  7. The Miracles at Rich
  8. The Conference
  9. The Action of Lord Arglay
  10. The Appeal of the Mayor of Rich
  11. The First Refusal of Chloe Burnett
  12. National Transport
  13. The Refusal of Lord Arglay
  14. The Second Refusal of Chloe Burnett
  15. The Possessiveness of Mr. Frank Lindsay
  16. The Discovery of Sir Giles Tumulty
  17. The Judgement of Lord Arglay
  18. The Process of Organic Law

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