You can't be too careful, by H. G. Wells

Table of Contents


Book the First: The Birth and Early Upbringing of Edward Albert Tewler

  1. Darling Bud
  2. Mrs Humbelay Marvels
  3. Mr Myame Deplores Sin
  4. Animalism of Animals
  5. All-Seeing Eye
  6. Advertised to Death

Book the Second: The Adolescence of Edward Albert Tewler

  1. The Hidden Hand
  2. The Cricket Match
  3. Metamorphosis of Man
  4. Feudal Strain?
  5. Terrifying Enterprise
  6. First Steps in French
  7. Mr Myame is Uneasy
  8. Snares for Mr Myame
  9. Out of the Deeps, Oh Lord!
  10. Faith and Hope
  11. Introducing Doobers
  12. Mr Harold Thump
  13. Intimations of Empire
  14. Do Belgians Speak French?
  15. Things he Missed
  16. Boy into Man

Book the Third: The Marrying, Divorce and Early Middle Age of Edward Albert Tewler

  1. Species Homo Tewler
  2. Purity by Terror
  3. Peeping and Prying
  4. Assertion
  5. The Thump Tragedy
  6. Mr Chamble Pewter
  7. They Come — They Go
  8. Evangeline Birkenhead
  9. Entangled
  10. Engaged
  11. Trap for Innocents
  12. Mr Pip Chaser
  13. Wedding Deferred
  14. Fizz Pop
  15. Man and Wife
  16. Rifted Lute
  17. Henry Tewler Begins
  18. Tewler Defied
  19. Exit Evangeline
  20. Divorce
  21. Mrs Butter Takes Pity
  22. Morningside Prospect

Book the Fourth: The Political Life of Edward Albert Tewler

  1. Chapter the First and Last: Political Animals?

Book the Fifth: How Edward Albert Tewler was overtaken by a storm of war and destruction and what he said and did in it

  1. Catspaws
  2. The Storm Breaks
  3. A.R.W. and H.G.
  4. Heroic Moment
  5. The End of Homestead

Book the Sixth: God, Satan and Homo Tewler

  1. “Tewler” To “Sapiens”
  2. Philosophical-Theological
  3. Tewler as Ever
  4. Flying Sparks
  5. And After Sapiens?

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