What are we to do with our lives?, by H. G. Wells

Table of Contents

  1. The Present Crisis in Human Affairs
  2. The Idea of the Open Conspiracy
  3. We have to Clear and Clean up Our Minds
  4. The Revolution in Education
  5. Religion in the New World
  6. Modern Religion is Objective
  7. What Mankind has to Do
  8. Broad Characteristics of a Scientific World Commonweal
  9. No Stable Utopia is Now Conceivable
  10. The Open Conspiracy is Not to Be Thought of as a Single Organization; it is a Conception of Life Out of which Efforts, Organizations, and New Orientations Will Arise
  11. Forces and Resistances in the Great Modern Communities Now Prevalent, which are Antagonistic to the Open Conspiracy. the War with Tradition
  12. The Resistances of the Less Industrialized Peoples to the Drive of the Open Conspiracy
  13. Resistances and Antagonistic Forces in Our Conscious and Unconscious Selves
  14. The Open Conspiracy Begins as a Movement of Discussion, Explanation, and Propaganda
  15. Early Constructive Work of the Open Conspiracy
  16. Existing and Developing Movements which are Contributory to the Open Conspiracy and which Must Develop a Common Consciousness. the Parable of Provinder Island
  17. The Creative Home, Social Group, and School: The Present Waste of Idealistic Will
  18. Progressive Development of the Activities of the Open Conspiracy into a World Control and Commonweal: The Hazards of the Attempt
  19. Human Life in the Coming World Community


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