The Wheels of Chance, by H. G. Wells

Table of Contents

The Principal Character in the Story

The Riding Forth of Mr. Hoopdriver

The Shameful Episode of the Young Lady in Grey

On the Road to Ripley

How Mr. Hoopdriver Was Haunted

The Imaginings of Mr. Hoopdriver’s Heart


The Dreams of Mr. Hoopdriver

How Mr. Hoopdriver Went to Haslemere

How Mr. Hoopdriver Reached Midhurst

An Interlude

Of the Artificial in Man, and of the Zeitgeist

The Encounter at Midhurst

The Pursuit

At Bognor

The Moonlight Ride

The Surbiton Interlude

The Awakening of Mr. Hoopdriver

The Departure From Chichester

The Unexpected Anecdote of the Lion

The Rescue Expedition

Mr. Hoopdriver, Knight Errant

The Abasement of Mr. Hoopdriver

In the New Forest

At the Rufus Stone

The Envoy

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