The Island of Doctor Moreau, by H. G. Wells

Table of Contents



  1. In the Dingey of the “Lady Vain.”
  2. The Man Who Was Going Nowhere
  3. The Strange Face.
  4. At the Schooner’s Rail.
  5. The Man Who Had Nowhere to Go.
  6. The Evil-Looking Boatmen.
  7. “The Locked Door.”
  8. The Crying of the Puma.
  9. The Thing in the Forest.
  10. The Crying of the Man.
  11. The Hunting of the Man.
  12. The Sayers of the Law.
  13. A parley.
  14. Doctor Moreau Explains.
  15. Concerning the Beast Folk.
  16. How the Beast Folk Taste Blood.
  17. A Catastrophe.
  18. The Finding of Moreau.
  19. Montgomery’s “Bank Holiday.”
  20. Alone with the Beast Folk.
  21. The Reversion of the Beast Folk.
  22. The Man Alone.

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