The Autocracy of Mr. Parham, by H. G. Wells

Table of Contents

Book the First: The Hopeful Friendship

  1. Introduces Mr. Parham and Sir Bussy Woodcock
  2. Tells How Sir Bussy and Mr. Parham Became Associated
  3. Mr. Parham Among the Gayer Rich
  4. Nocturne
  5. The Devious Pursuit
  6. An Indiscretion

Book the Second: How the Master Spirit Entered the World

  1. Disputes and Tension Over Sir Bussy’s Dinner Table
  2. How Sir Bussy Resorted to Metapsychics
  3. Metapsychics in Buggins Street
  4. The Carfex House Seances
  5. The Visitant

Book the Third: The Strong Hand At Last

  1. An Arm Outstretched
  2. The Coup D’etat
  3. How London Took the News
  4. The Grand Council in Session
  5. The Lord Paramount Studies His Weapons
  6. The Logic of War
  7. Sir Bussy is Recalcitrant
  8. A Little Tour of Europe
  9. War with Russia
  10. America Objects
  11. Disloyalty
  12. The Servitude of the Mighty

Book the Fourth: The Second World War

  1. The Big Guns Go Off
  2. Facing the Storm
  3. Overture in the Air
  4. The Strong Way with Mutiny
  5. The Declaration of Washington

Book the Fifth: Quintessential

  1. The Spirit of the Times
  2. Fantasia in Trafalgar Square
  3. War is War
  4. A Necessary Execution
  5. Interlude with a Mirror
  6. Cayme in Lyonesse
  7. The Adversary Speaks
  8. Post Mortem
  9. The Last Straw

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