Meanwhile, by H. G. Wells

§ 11

That apparently was all that Philip had intended to send, but in addition there was a loose sheet on which he had been thinking and which had evidently got itself among the fasciculi by mistake.

He had jotted down disconnected sentences.

“The common man,” she read, “wants to do nothing with general affairs — wants to be left alone. Why not leave him alone?”

There was a sort of Debit and Credit account. On the credit side was written: “A man who doesn’t think conserves energy. Parties of reaction like the Fascists, parties of dogma like the Communists, are full of energy. They get something done. They get the wrong thing done but it is done. Independent thought, critical thought, has no chance against them.”

On the Debit side she read: “In the long run intelligence wins,” and then: “does it?” and mere scribbling. Across the lower half of the sheet ran one word very slowly written in a large fair hand, “Organisation.”

Much smaller: “Intelligence plus energy.”

Then beginning very large and ending very small, a row of interrogation marks.

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