The Life of Mr. George Herbert, Prebendary of Salisbury Cathedral, by Izaac Walton

The Works of Mr. George Herbert.

[Herbert’s Works]

I. “ORATIO quâ auspicatissimum serenissimi Principis CAROLI reditum ex Hispaniis celebravit GEORGIUS HERBERT, Academæ Cantabrigiensis Orator. — 1623.”

II. “ORATIO . . . habita coram Dominis Legatis cum Magistro in Artib. titulis insignirentur. 27 Febr. 1622.”

III. “A TRANSLATION of LEWIS CORNARO’S TREATISE on TEMPERANCE.” Printed at Cambridge in 1634, along with Mr. Nicholas Ferrar’s translation of “The Hygiasticon, or the right Course of preserving Health, by Leonard Lessius.” To Mr. Herbert’s Translation is annexed “A Paradox, translated out of Italian, That a more spare diet is better than a splendid or sumptuous.”

IV. “HERBERT’S REMAINS; or Sundry Pieces of that sweet Singer of the Temple, Mr. GEORGE HERBERT, some time Orator of the University of Cambridge, now exposed to public Light.” London, 1652.

This volume consists of — 1. “A Priest to the Temple, or the Country Parson in his Character and Rule of Holy Life; with a Prefatory View of the Life and Virtues of the Author and Excellencies of this Book, by Barnabas Oley.” In the second and subsequent impressions of this volume is added, “A Preface to the Christian Reader,” consisting of six paragraphs, by Mr. Oley. 2. “Jacula Prudentum; or Outlandish Proverbs, Sentences, &c., selected by Mr. George Herbert.”

V. “THE TEMPLE: SACRED POEMS and Private EJACULATIONS, by Mr. GEORGE HERBERT, late orator of the University of Cambridge. In his Temple doth every Man speak of his Honour, Psal. xxix. Cambridge, 1633.”


During his residence at Cambridge, he composed Latin Poems on the Death of Henry Prince of Wales; and of Anne, Queen to James I. See “Epicedium Cantabrigiense in obitum immaturum semperque deflendum Henrici illustrissimi Principis Walliæ, Cantab. 1612.” And “Lachrymæ Cantabrigienses in obitum serenissimæ Regiæ Annæ, Conjugis dilectissimæ Jacobi Magnæ Britanniæ, Franciæ, et Hiberniæ Regis. Cantab. 1619.

The following letters, written by Herbert, when he was Public Orator, are in the Orator’s Book at Cambridge:

1. “To Sir Robert Naunton, with thanks for some acts of kindness procured by him from Government to the University.”

2. “To Fulke Greville, on the same account.”

3. “To George Villiers, Marquis of Buckingham, on his being created a Marquis.”

4. “To Sir Francis Bacon, with thanks for his Novum Organum.”

5. “To Sir Thomas Coventry, Attorney–General.”

6. “To Montagu, Lord Treasurer,” and

7. “To Sir Robert Heath, Solicitor–General, congratulating them on their several promotions.”

8. “To King James, with thanks for a present of his Doron Basilicon.”

9. “To the same, with thanks for the preservation of the river.”

10. “To Sir Francis Bacon, on the same subject.”

11. “To Dr. Abbot, Archbishop of Canterbury, against the London Printers monopolizing foreign books.”

12. “To Sir Francis Bacon, on the same subject.”

13. “To Leigh, Chief Justice, on his promotion.”

14. “To Cranfield, Lord Treasurer, on the same occasion.”

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