The Malay Archipelago, by Alfred Russel Wallace

Table of Contents

  1. Physical geography.
  2. Singapore.
  3. Malacca and Mount Ophir.
  4. Borneo — the Orangutan.
  5. Borneo — journey into the interior.
  6. Borneo — the Dyaks.
  7. Java
  8. Sumatra.
  9. Natural history of the Indo-Malay islands.
  10. Bali and Lombock.
  11. Lombock: Manners and customs of the people.
  12. Lombock: How the Rajah took the census.
  13. Timor.
  14. The natural history of the Timor group.
  15. Celebes.
  16. Celebes.
  17. Celebes.
  18. Natural history of Celebes.
  19. Banda.
  20. Amboyna
  21. The Moluccas — Ternate.
  22. Gilolo.
  23. Ternate to the Kaioa islands and Batchian.
  24. Batchian.
  25. Ceram, Goram, and the Matabello islands.
  26. Bouru.
  27. The natural history of the Moluccas.
  28. Macassar to the Aru islands in a native prau.
  29. The Ke islands.
  30. The Aru islands — residence in Dobbo
  31. The Aru islands. — Journey and residence in the interior.
  32. The Aru islands. — Second residence at Dobbo.
  33. The Aru islands — physical geography and aspects of nature.
  34. New Guinea. — Dorey,
  35. Voyage from Ceram to Waigiou.
  36. Waigiou.
  37. Voyage from Waigiou to Ternate.
  38. The birds of paradise.
  39. The natural history of the Papuan islands.
  40. The races of Man in the Malay Archipelago.

To Charles Darwin,

Author of “The Origin of Species,”

I dedicate this book,
Not only as a token of personal esteem and friendship
But also
To express my deep admiration
His genius and his works.

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