Doctor Ox’s Experiment, by Verne, Jules, 1828-1905

Table of Contents

  1. How it is Useless to Seek, Even on the Best Maps, for the Small Town of Quiquendone.
  2. In which the Burgomaster Van Tricasse and the Counsellor Niklausse Consult About the Affairs of the Town.
  3. In which the Commissary Passauf Enters as Noisily as Unexpectedly.
  4. In which Doctor Ox Reveals Himself as a Physiologist of the First Rank, and as an Audacious Experimentalist.
  5. In which the Burgomaster and the Counsellor Pay a Visit to Doctor Ox, and what Follows.
  6. In which Frantz Niklausse and Suzel Van Tricasse Form Certain Projects for the Future.
  7. In which the Andantes Become Allegros, and the Allegros Vivaces.
  8. In which the Ancient and Solemn German Waltz Becomes a Whirlwind.
  9. In which Doctor Ox and Ygène, His Assistant, Say a Few Words.
  10. In which it Will Be Seen that the Epidemic Invades the Entire Town, and what Effect it Produces.
  11. In which the Quiquendonians Adopt a Heroic Resolution.
  12. In which Ygène, the Assistant, Gives a Reasonable Piece of Advice, which is Eagerly Rejected by Doctor Ox.
  13. In which it is Once More Proved that by Taking High Ground All Human Littlenesses May Be Overlooked.
  14. In which Matters Go So Far that the Inhabitants of Quiquendone, the Reader, and Even the Author, Demand an Immediate Dénouement.
  15. In which the Dénouement Takes Place.
  16. In which the Intelligent Reader Sees that he has Guessed Correctly, Despite All the Author’s Precautions.
  17. In which Doctor Ox’s Theory is Explained.

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