The Revolution Betrayed, by Leon Trotsky

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 What Has Been Achieved

  1. The Principal Indices of Industrial Growth
  2. Comparative Estimates of These Achievements
  3. Production per capita of the Population

Chapter 2 Economic Growth and the Zigzags of the Leadership

  1. “Military Communism”, the “New Economic Policy” (Nep) and the Course Toward the Kulak
  2. A Sharp Turn: “Five-year Plan in Four Years” and “Complete Collectivization”

Chapter 3 Socialism and the State

  1. The Transitional Regime
  2. Program and Reality
  3. The Dual Character of the Workers’ State
  4. “Generalized Want” and the Gendarme
  5. The “Complete Triumph of Socialism” and the “Reinforcement of the Dictatorship”

Chapter 4 The Struggle for Productivity of Labor

  1. Money and Plan
  2. “Socialist” Inflation
  3. The Rehabilitation of the Ruble
  4. 4.The Stakhanov Movement

Chapter 5 The Soviet Thermidor

  1. Why Stalin Triumphed
  2. The Degeneration of the Bolshevik Party
  3. The Social Roots of Thermidor

Chapter 6 The Growth of Inequality and Social Antagonisms

  1. Want, Luxury and Speculation
  2. The Differentiation of the Proletariat
  3. Social Contradictions in the Collective Village
  4. The Social Physiognomy of the Ruling Stratum

Chapter 7 Family, Youth and Culture

  1. Thermidor in the Family
  2. 2.The Struggle Against the Youth
  3. Nationality and Culture

Chapter 8 Foreign Policy and the Army

  1. From “World Revolution” to Status Quo
  2. The League of Nations and the Communist International
  3. The Red Army and Its Doctrines
  4. The Abolition of the Militia and the Restoration of Officers’ Ranks
  5. The Soviet Union in a War

Chapter 9 Social Relations in the Soviet Union

  1. State Capitalism
  2. Is the Bureaucracy a Ruling Class?
  3. The Question of the Character of the Soviet Union Not Yet Decided by History

Chapter 10 The Soviet Union in the Mirror of the New Constitution

  1. Work “according to ability” and personal property
  2. The Soviets and Democracy
  3. Democracy and the Party

Chapter 11 Whither the Soviet Union?

  1. Bonapartism as a regime of crisis
  2. The Struggle of the Bureaucracy with “the Class Enemy”
  3. The Inevitability of a New Revolution

Appendix “Socialism in One Country”

  1. The “Friends” of the Soviet Union


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