Fanny Trollope, 1780–1863

Biographical note

Novelist and miscellaneous writer, born at Stapleton near Bristol, married in 1809 Thomas A.T., a barrister, who fell into financial misfortune. She then in 1827 went with her family to Cincinnati, where the efforts which she made to support herself were unsuccessful. On her return to England, however, she brought herself into notice by publishing Domestic Manners of the Americans [1832], in which she gave a very unfavourable and grossly exaggerated account of the subject; and a novel, The Refugee in America, pursued it on similar lines. Next came The Abbess and Belgium and Western Germany, and other works of the same kind on Paris and the Parisians, and Vienna and the Austrians followed. Thereafter she continued to pour forth novels and books on miscellaneous subjects, writing in all over 100 vols. Though possessed of considerable powers of observation and a sharp and caustic wit, such an output was fatal to permanent literary success, and none of her books are now read. She spent the last 20 years of her life at Florence, where she died in 1863. Her third son was Anthony Trollope, the well-known novelist.

[From A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature by John W. Cousin, 1910]



  • The Refugee in America [1832]
  • The Abess: A Romance [1833]
  • Tremordyn Cliff [1835]
  • The Life and Adventures of Jonathan Jefferson Whitlaw: or Scenes on the Mississippi [1836]
  • The Vicar of Wrexhill [1837]
  • A Romance of Vienna [1838]
  • The Widow Barnaby [1839] vol. 1; vol. 2; vol. 3
  • The Life and Adventures of Michael Armstrong, the Factory Boy [1839-40 serial; 1840 book]
  • The Widow Married: a Sequel to The Widow Barnaby [1839-40 serial; 1840 book]
  • One Fault: a Novel [1840]
  • Charles Chesterfield: or The Adventures of a Youth of Genius [1840-41 serial; 1841 book]
  • The Blue Belles of England [1841-42 serial; 1842 book]
  • The Ward of Thorpe-Combe [1842]
  • The Barnabys in America: or Adventures of the Widow Wedded [1842-43 serial; 1843 book]
  • Jessie Phillips: a Tale of the Present Day [1842-43 serial; 1843 book]
  • Hargrave: or The Adventures of a Man of Fashion [1843]
  • The Laurringtons: or Superior People [1844]
  • Young Love: a Novel [1844]
  • The Robertses on Their Travels [1844-46 serial; 1846 book]
  • The Attractive Man: a Novel [1846]
  • A Charming Fellow vol. 1 , vol. 2 , vol. 3
  • Father Eustace: a Tale of the Jesuits [1847]
  • The Three Cousins: a Novel [1847]
  • Town and Country: a Novel [1848]
  • The Young Countess: or Love and Jealousy [1848]
  • The Lottery of Marriage: a Novel [1849]
  • That Unfortunate Marriage, vol. 1 , vol. 2 , vol. 3
  • The Old World and the New: a Novel [1849]
  • Petticoat Government: a Novel [1850]
  • Mrs. Matthews, or Family Mysteries: a Novel [1851]
  • Second Love, or Beauty and Intellect: a Novel [1851]
  • Uncle Walter: a Novel [1852]
  • The Young Heiress: a Novel [1853]
  • The Life and Adventures of a Clever Woman [1854]
  • Gertrude: or Family Pride [1855]
  • Fashionable Life: or Paris and London [1856]


  • Domestic Manners of the Americans [1832]
  • The Mother's Manual [1833]
  • Belgium and Western Germany in 1833 [1834]
  • Paris and the Parisians in 1835 [1836] vol. 1; vol. 2
  • Vienna and the Austrians [1838]
  • A Visit to Italy [1842]
  • Travels and Travelers: A Series of Sketches [1846]
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