Rachel Ray, by Anthony Trollope

Table of Contents

  1. The Ray Family
  2. The Young Man from the Brewery
  3. The Arm in the Clouds
  4. What Shall Be Done About it?
  5. Mr Comfort Gives His Advice
  6. Preparations for Mrs Tappitt’s Party
  7. An Account of Mrs Tappitt’s Ball — Commenced
  8. An Account of Mrs Tappitt’s Ball — Concluded
  9. Mr Prong at Home
  10. Luke Rowan Declares His Plans as to the Brewery
  11. Luke Rowan Takes His Tea Quite Like a Steady Young Man
  12. Rachel Ray Thinks “She Does Like Him”
  13. Mr Tappitt in His Counting-House
  14. Luke Rowan Pays a Second Visit to Bragg’s End
  15. Maternal Eloquence
  16. Rachel Ray’s First Love-Letter
  17. Electioneering
  18. Dr Harford
  19. Mr Comfort Calls at the Cottage
  20. Showing what Rachel Thought when she Sat on the Stile, and How she Wrote Her Letter Afterwards
  21. Mrs Ray Goes to Exeter and Meets a Friend
  22. Domestic Politics at the Brewery
  23. Mrs Rays Penitence
  24. The Election at Baslehurst
  25. “The Baslehurst Gazette”;
  26. Cornbury Grange
  27. In which the Question of the Brewery is Settled
  28. What Took Place at Bragg’s End Farm
  29. Mrs Prime Reads Her Recantation
  30. Conclusion


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