The Last Chronicle of Barset, by Anthony Trollope

Table of Contents

  1. How Did he Get it?
  2. By Heavens, he had Better Not!
  3. The Archdeacon’s Threat
  4. The Clergyman’s House at Hogglestock
  5. What the World Thought of it
  6. Grace Crawley
  7. Miss Prettyman’s Private Room
  8. Mr Crawley is Taken to Silverbridge
  9. Grace Crawley Goes to Allington
  10. Dinner at Framley Court
  11. The Bishop Sends His Inhibition
  12. Mr Crawley Seeks for Sympathy
  13. The Bishop’s Angel
  14. Major Grantly Consults a Friend
  15. Up in London
  16. Down at Allington
  17. Mr Crawley is Summoned to Barchester
  18. The Bishop of Barchester is Crushed
  19. Where Did it Come from?
  20. What Mr Walker Thought About it
  21. Mr Robarts on His Embassy
  22. Major Grantly at Home
  23. Miss Lily Dale’s Resolution
  24. Mrs Dobbs Broughton’s Dinner-Party
  25. Miss Madeline Demolines
  26. The Picture
  27. A Hero at Home
  28. Showing How Major Grantly Took a Walk
  29. Miss Lily Dale’s Logic
  30. Showing what Major Grantly Did After His Walk
  31. Showing How Major Grantly Returned to Guestwick
  32. Mr Toogood
  33. The Plumstead Foxes
  34. Mrs Proudie Sends for Her Lawyer
  35. Lily Dale Writes Two Words in Her Book
  36. Grace Crawley Returns Home
  37. Hook Court
  38. Jael
  39. A New Flirtation
  40. Mr Toogood’s Ideas About Society
  41. Grace Crawley at Home
  42. Mr Toogood Travels Professionally
  43. Mr Crosbie Goes into the City
  44. ‘I Suppose I Must Let You have it’
  45. Lily Dale Goes to London
  46. The Bayswater Romance
  47. Dr Tempest at the Palace.
  48. The Softness of Sir Raffle Buffle
  49. Near the Close
  50. Lady Lufton’s Proposition
  51. Mrs Dobbs Broughton Piles Her Faggots
  52. Why Don’t You have an ‘It’ for Yourself?
  53. Rotten Row
  54. The Clerical Commission
  55. Framley Parsonage
  56. The Archdeacon Goes to Framley
  57. A Double Pledge
  58. The Cross-Grainedness of Men
  59. A Lady Presents Her Compliments to Miss L.d.
  60. The End of Jael and Sisera
  61. ‘It’s Dogged as Does it’
  62. Mr Crawley’s Letter to the Dean
  63. Two Visitors to Hogglestock
  64. Tragedy at Hook Court
  65. Miss Van Siever Makes Her Choice
  66. Requiescat in Pace
  67. In Memoriam
  68. The Obstinacy of Mr Crawley
  69. Mr Crawley’s Last Appearance in His Own Pulpit
  70. Mrs Arabin is Caught
  71. Mr Toogood at Silverbridge
  72. Mr Toogood at ‘The Dragon of Wantly’
  73. There is Comfort at Plumstead
  74. The Crawleys are Informed
  75. Madalina’s Heart is Bleeding
  76. I Think he is Light of Heart
  77. The Shattered Tree
  78. The Arabins Return to Barchester
  79. Mr Crawley Speaks of His Coat
  80. Miss Demolines Desires to Be a Finger-Post
  81. Barchester Cloisters
  82. The Last Scene at Hogglestock
  83. Mr Crawley is Conquered
  84. Conclusion

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