He Knew He Was Right, by Anthony Trollope

Table of Contents

  1. Shewing how wrath began
  2. Colonel Osborne
  3. Lady Milborough’s dinner party
  4. Hugh Stanbury
  5. Shewing how the quarrel progressed
  6. Shewing how reconciliation was made
  7. Miss Jemima Stanbury, of Exeter
  8. ‘I know it will do’
  9. Shewing how the quarrel progressed again
  10. Hard words
  11. Lady Milborough as ambassador
  12. Miss Stanbury’s generosity
  13. The Honourable Mr Glascock
  14. The clock house at Nuncombe Putney
  15. What they said about it in the close
  16. Dartmoor
  17. A gentleman comes to Nuncombe Putney
  18. The Stanbury correspondence
  19. Bozzle, the ex-Policeman
  20. Shewing how Colonel Osborne went to Cockchaffington
  21. Shewing how Colonel Osborne went to Nuncombe Putney
  22. Shewing how Miss Stanbury behaved to her two nieces
  23. Colonel Osborne and Mr Bozzle return to London
  24. Niddon Park
  25. Hugh Stanbury smokes his pipe
  26. A third party is so objectionable
  27. Mr Trevelyan’s letter to his wife
  28. Great tribulation
  29. Mr and Mrs Outhouse
  30. Dorothy makes up her mind
  31. Mr Brooke Burgess
  32. The ‘full moon’ at St. Diddulph’s
  33. Hugh Stanbury smokes another pipe
  34. Priscilla’s wisdom
  35. Mr Gibson’s good fortune
  36. Miss Stanbury’s wrath
  37. Mont Cenis
  38. Verdict of the jury ‘Mad, my Lord’
  39. Miss Nora Rowley is maltreated
  40. ‘C. G.’
  41. Shewing what took place at St Diddulph’s
  42. Miss Stanbury and Mr Gibson become two
  43. Laburnum Cottage
  44. Brooke Burgess takes leave of Exeter
  45. Trevelyan at Venice
  46. The American Minister
  47. About fishing, and navigation, and head-dresses
  48. Mr Gibson is punished
  49. Mr Brooke Burgess after supper
  50. Camilla triumphant
  51. Shewing what happened during Miss Stanbury’s illness
  52. Mr Outhouse complains that it’s hard
  53. Hugh Stanbury is shewn to be no conjuror
  54. Mr Gibson’s threat
  55. The Republican Browning
  56. Withered grass
  57. Dorothy’s fate
  58. Dorothy at home
  59. Mr Bozzle at home
  60. Another struggle
  61. Parker’s hotel, Mowbray street
  62. Lady Rowley makes an attempt
  63. Sir Marmaduke at home
  64. Sir Marmaduke at his club
  65. Mysterious agencies
  66. Of a quarter of lamb
  67. River’s cottage
  68. Major Magruder’s committee
  69. Sir Marmaduke at Willesden
  70. Shewing what Nora Rowley thought about carriages
  71. Shewing what Hugh Stanbury thought about the duty of Man
  72. The delivery of the lamb
  73. Dorothy returns to Exeter
  74. The lioness aroused
  75. The Rowleys go over the Alps
  76. ‘We shall be so poor’
  77. The future Lady Peterborough
  78. Casalunga
  79. ‘I can sleep on the boards’
  80. ‘Will they despise him?’
  81. Mr Glascock is master
  82. Mrs French’s carving knife
  83. Bella Victrix
  84. Self-Sacrifice
  85. The Baths of Lucca
  86. Mr Glascock as nurse
  87. Mr Glascock’s marriage completed
  88. Cropper and Burgess
  89. ‘I wouldn’t do it, if I was you’
  90. Lady Rowley conquered
  91. Four o’clock in the morning
  92. Trevelyan discourses on life
  93. ‘Say that you forgive me’
  94. A real Christian
  95. Trevelyan back in England
  96. Monkhams
  97. Mrs Brooke Burgess
  98. Acquitted
  99. Conclusion


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