Kept in the Dark, by Anthony Trollope

Table of Contents

  1. Cecilia Holt and her Three Friends.
  2. Sir Francis Geraldine.
  3. The End of that Episode.
  4. Mr. Western.
  5. Cecilia’s Second Chance.
  6. What All her Friends Said about it.
  7. Miss Altifiorla’s Arrival.
  8. Lady Grant.
  9. Miss Altifiorla’s Departure.
  10. Sir Francis Travels with Miss Altifiorla.
  11. Mr. Western Hears the Story.
  12. Mr. Western’s Decision.
  13. Mrs. Western Prepares to Leave.
  14. To what A Punishment!
  15. Once More at Exeter.
  16. “It is Altogether Untrue.”
  17. Miss Altifiorla Rises in the World.
  18. A Man’s Pride.
  19. Dick Takes his Final Leave.
  20. The Secret Escapes.
  21. Lady Grant at Dresden.
  22. Mr. Western Yields.
  23. Sir Francis’ Escape.
  24. Conclusion.

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