The Eustace Diamonds, by Anthony Trollope

Table of Contents

  1. Lizzie Greystock
  2. Lady Eustace
  3. Lucy Morris
  4. Frank Greystock
  5. The Eustace Necklace
  6. Lady Linlithgow’s Mission
  7. Mr. Burke’s Speeches
  8. The Conquering Hero Comes
  9. Showing what the Miss Fawns Said, and what Mrs. Hittaway Thought
  10. Lizzie and Her Lover
  11. Lord Fawn at His Office
  12. I Only Thought of it
  13. Showing what Frank Greystock Did
  14. “Doan’t Thou Marry for Munny”
  15. “I’ll Give You a Hundred-Guinea Brooch”
  16. Certainly an Heirloom
  17. The Diamonds are Seen in Public
  18. And I have Nothing to Give
  19. As My Brother
  20. The Diamonds Become Troublesome
  21. “Ianthe’s Soul”
  22. Lady Eustace Procures a Pony for the Use of Her Cousin
  23. Frank Greystock’s First Visit to Portray
  24. Showing what Frank Greystock Thought About Marriage
  25. Mr. Dove’s Opinion
  26. Mr. Gowran is Very Funny
  27. Lucy Morris Misbehaves
  28. Mr. Dove in His Chambers
  29. I had Better Go Away
  30. Mr. Greystock’s Troubles
  31. Frank Greystock’s Second Visit to Portray
  32. Mr. And Mrs. Hittaway in Scotland
  33. It Won’t Be True
  34. Lady Linlithgow at Home
  35. Too Bad for Sympathy
  36. Lizzie’s Guests
  37. Lizzie’s First Day
  38. Nappie’s Gray Horse
  39. Sir Griffin Takes an Unfair Advantage
  40. You are Not Angry
  41. Likewise the Bears in Couples Agree
  42. Sunday Morning
  43. Life at Portray
  44. A Midnight Adventure
  45. The Journey to London
  46. Lucy Morris in Brook Street
  47. Matching Priory
  48. Lizzie’s Condition
  49. Bunfit and Gager
  50. In Hertford Street
  51. Confidence
  52. Mrs. Carbuncle Goes to the Theatre
  53. Lizzie’s Sick-Room
  54. “I Suppose I May Say a Word”
  55. Quints or Semitenths
  56. Job’s Comforters
  57. Humpty Dumpty
  58. The “Fiddle with One String”
  59. Mr. Gowran up in London
  60. Let it Be as Though it had Never Been
  61. Lizzie’s Great Friend
  62. “You Know where My Heart is”
  63. The Corsair is Afraid
  64. Lizzie’s Last Scheme
  65. Tribute
  66. The Aspirations of Mr. Emilius
  67. The Eye of the Public
  68. The Major
  69. “I Cannot Do it”
  70. Alas!
  71. Lizzie is Threatened with the Treadmill
  72. Lizzie’s Triumphs
  73. Lizzie’s Last Lover
  74. Lizzie at the Police-Court
  75. Lord George Gives His Reasons
  76. Lizzie Returns to Scotland
  77. The Story of Lucy Morris is Concluded
  78. The Trial
  79. Once More at Portray
  80. What was Said About it All at Matching

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