The Claverings, by Anthony Trollope

Table of Contents

  1. Julia Brabazon
  2. Harry Clavering Chooses His Profession
  3. Lord Ongar
  4. Florence Burton
  5. Lady Ongar’s Return
  6. The Rev. Samuel Saul
  7. Some Scenes in the Life of a Countess
  8. The House in Onslow Crescent
  9. Too Prudent By Half
  10. Florence Burton at the Rectory
  11. Sir Hugh and His Brother Archie
  12. Lady Ongar Takes Possession
  13. A Visitor Calls At Ongar Park
  14. Count Pateroff
  15. Madame Gordeloup
  16. An Evening In Bolton Street
  17. The Rivals
  18. “Judge Not That Ye Be Not Judged”
  19. Let Her Know That You’re There
  20. Captain Clavering Makes His First Attempt
  21. The Blue Posts
  22. Desolation
  23. Sir Hugh’s Return
  24. Yes; Wrong — Certainly Wrong
  25. The Day of the Funeral
  26. Too Many, And Too Few
  27. Cumberly Lane Without The Mud
  28. The Russian Spy
  29. What Would Men Say To You?
  30. The Man Who Dusted His Boots With His Handkerchief
  31. Freshwater Gate
  32. What Cecilia Burton Did For Her Sister-In-Law
  33. How Damon Parted From Pythias
  34. Vain Repentance
  35. Doodles In Mount Street
  36. Harry Clavering’s Confession
  37. Florence Burton’s Return
  38. Florence Burton Makes Up A Packet
  39. Showing Why Harry Clavering Was Wanted At The Rectory
  40. Mr. Saul’s Abode
  41. Going To Norway
  42. Parting
  43. Captain Clavering Makes His Last Attempt
  44. What Lady Ongar Thought About It
  45. How To Dispose Of A Wife
  46. Showing How Mrs. Burton Fought Her Battle
  47. The Sheep Returns To The Fold
  48. Lady Ongar’s Revenge
  49. Showing What Happened Off Heligoland
  50. Madam Gordeloup Retires From British Diplomacy
  51. Showing How Things Settled Themselves At The Rectory
  52. Conclusion

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