The Belton Estate, by Anthony Trollope

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1
  2. The heir proposes to visit his cousin
  3. Will Belton
  4. Safe against Love-Making
  5. Not safe against Love-Making
  6. Safe against Love-Making once again
  7. Miss Amedroz goes to Perivale
  8. Captain Aylmer meets his constituents
  9. Captain Aylmer’s promise to his aunt
  10. Showing how Captain Aylmer kept his promise
  11. Miss Amedroz is too candid by half
  12. Miss Amedroz returns home
  13. Mr William Belton takes a walk in the country
  14. Mr William Belton takes a walk in London
  15. Evil words
  16. The heir’s second visit to Belton
  17. Aylmer Park
  18. Mrs Askerton’s story
  19. Miss Amedroz has another chance
  20. William Belton does not go out hunting
  21. Mrs Askerton’s generosity
  22. Passionate pleading
  23. The last day at Belton
  24. The Great Northern Railway Hotel
  25. Miss Amedroz has some hashed chicken
  26. The Aylmer Park hashed chicken comes to an end
  27. Once more back to Belton
  28. Miss Amedroz is pursued
  29. There is nothing to tell
  30. Mary Belton
  31. Taking possession
  32. Conclusion

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