An Autobiography, by Anthony Trollope

Table of Contents

  1. My Education 1815-1834
  2. My Mother
  3. The General Post Office 1834-1841
  4. Ireland — My First Two Novels 1841-1848
  5. My First Success 1849-1855
  6. “Barchester Towers” And the “Three Clerks” 1855-1858
  7. “Doctor Thorne”—“The Bertrams”—“The West Indies” And “The Spanish Main”
  8. The “Cornhill Magazine” And “Framley Parsonage”
  9. “Castle Richmond;” “Brown, Jones, and Robinson;” “North America;” “Orley Farm”
  10. “The Small House at Allington,” “Can You Forgive Her?” “Rachel Ray,” And the “Fortnightly Review”
  11. “The Claverings,” The “Pall Mall Gazette,” “Nina Balatka,” And “Linda Tressel”
  12. On Novels and the Art of Writing Them
  13. On English Novelists of the Present Day
  14. On Criticism
  15. “The Last Chronicle of Barset”—“Leaving the Post Office”—“St. Paul’s Magazine”
  16. Beverley
  17. The American Postal Treaty — The Question 0f Copyright with America — Four More Novels
  18. “The Vicar of Bullhampton”—“Sir Harry Hotspur”—“An Editor’s Tales”—“Caesar”
  19. “Ralph the Heir”—“The Eustace Diamonds”—“Lady Anna”—“Australia”
  20. “The Way We Live Now” And “The Prime Minister”— Conclusion

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