Anthony Trollope, 1815–1882


Biographical note

Novelist, son of Thomas Anthony Trollope, a barrister who ruined himself by speculation, and of Frances Trollope, a well-known writer, was born in London, and educated at Harrow and Winchester. His childhood was an unhappy one, owing to his father’s misfortunes. After a short time in Belgium he obtained an appointment in the Post Office, in which he rose to a responsible position. His first three novels had little success; but in 1855 he found his line, and in The Warden produced the first of his Barsetshire series. It was followed by Barchester Towers [1857], Doctor Thorne [1858], Framley Parsonage [1861], The Small House at Allington [1864], and The Last Chronicle of Barset [1867], which deal with the society of a small cathedral city. Other novels are Orley Farm, Can you forgive Her?, Ralph the Heir, The Claverings, Phineas Finn, He knew he was Right, and The Golden Lion of Grandpré. In all he wrote about 50 novels, besides books about the West Indies, North America, Australia, and South Africa, a translation of Cæsar, and monographs on Cicero and Thackeray. His novels are light of touch, pleasant, amusing, and thoroughly healthy. They make no attempt to sound the depths of character or either to propound or solve problems. Outside of fiction his work was generally superficial and unsatisfactory. But he had the merit of providing a whole generation with wholesome amusement, and enjoyed a great deal of popularity. He is said to have received £70,000 for his writings.

[From A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature by John W. Cousin, 1910]

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Short Story Collections

  • Tales of All Countries [1861-1863]
    1st Series [1861]: La Mere Bauche — The O’Conors of Castle Conor, County Mayo. — John Bull on the Guadalquivir. — Miss Sarah Jack, of Spanish Town, Jamaica — The courtship of Susan Bell — The relics of General Chasse — a tale of Antwerp — An unprotected female at the Pyramids — The Chateau of Prince Polignac
    2nd Series [1863]: Aaron Trow — Mrs. General Talboys — The Parson’s daughter of Oxney Colne — George Walker at Suez — The mistletoe bough — Returning home — A ride across Palestine — The house of Heine Brothers, in Munich — The man who kept his money in a box
  • Lotta Schmidt, and other stories [1867]
    ("Tales of All Countries", 3rd series)
    Stories reprinted from the Argosy: Lotta Schmidt. — The Adventures of Fred Pickering. — The Two Generals. — Father Giles of Ballymoy. — Malachi’s Cove. — The Widow’s Mite. — The Last Austrian Who Left Venice. — Miss Ophelia Gledd. — The Journey To Panama.
  • An editor's tales [1870]
    Mary Gresley — The Turkish Bath — Josephine de Montmorenci — The Panjandrum — The Spotted Dog — Mrs. Brumby
  • Frau Frohmann and other Stories [1882]
    Why Frau Frohmann changed her prices — The Lady of Launay — Christmas at Thompson Hall — The Telegraph Girl — Alice Dugdale

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