Early Australian Voyages, by John Pinkerton

Table of Contents


Voyage of Francis Pelsart to Australasia. 1628–29.

The Voyage of Captain Abel Jansen Tasman for the Discovery of Southern Countries. 1642–43.

  1. The Occasion and Design of this Voyage.
  2. Captain Tasman Sails from Batavia, August 14, 1642.
  3. Remarks on the Variation of the Needle.
  4. He Discovers a New Country to which he Gives the Name of Van Diemen’s Land.
  5. Sails from Thence for New Zealand.
  6. Visits the Island of the Three Kings, and Goes in Search of Other Islands Discovered by Schovten.
  7. Remarkable Occurrences in the Voyage.
  8. Observations On, and Explanation Of, the Variation of the Compass.
  9. Discovers a New Island, which he Calls Pylstaart Island.
  10. And Two Islands, to which he Gives the Name of Amsterdam and Rotterdam
  11. And an Archipelago of Twenty Small Islands.
  12. Occurrences in the Voyage.
  13. He Arrives at the Archipelago of Anthong Java.
  14. His Arrival on the Coast of New Guinea.
  15. Continues His Voyage Along that Coast.
  16. Arrives in the Neighbourhood of Burning Island, and Surveys the Whole Coast of New Guinea.
  17. Comes to the Islands of Jama and Moa.
  18. Prosecutes His Voyage to Ceram.
  19. Arrives Safely at Batavia, June 15, 1643.
  20. Consequences of Captain Tasman’s Discoveries.
  21. Remarks Upon the Voyage.

An Account of New Holland and the Adjacent Islands. 1699–1700. By Captain William Dampier.


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