The Virginians, by William Makepeace Thackeray

Table of Contents

  1. In which one of the Virginians visits home
  2. In which Harry has to pay for his Supper
  3. The Esmonds in Virginia
  4. In which Harry finds a New Relative
  5. Family Jars
  6. The Virginians begin to see the World
  7. Preparations for War
  8. In which George suffers from a Common Disease
  9. Hospitalities
  10. A Hot Afternoon
  11. Wherein the two Georges prepare for Blood
  12. News from the Camp
  13. Profitless Quest
  14. Harry in England
  15. A Sunday at Castlewood
  16. In which Gumbo shows Skill with the Old English Weapon
  17. On the Scent
  18. An Old Story
  19. Containing both Love and Luck
  20. Facilis Descensus
  21. Samaritans
  22. In Hospital
  23. Holidays
  24. From Oakhurst to Tunbridge
  25. New Acquaintances
  26. In which we are at a very Great Distance from Oakhurst
  27. Plenus Opus Aleae
  28. The Way of the World
  29. In which Harry continues to enjoy Otium sine Dignitate
  30. Contains a Letter to Virginia
  31. The Bear and the Leader
  32. In which a Family Coach is ordered
  33. Contains a Soliloquy by Hester
  34. In which Mr. Warrington treats the Company with Tea and a Ball
  35. Entanglements
  36. Which seems to mean Mischief
  37. In which various Matches are fought
  38. Sampson and the Philistines
  39. Harry to the Rescue
  40. In which Harry pays off an Old Debt, and incurs some New Ones
  41. Rake’s Progress
  42. Fortunatus Nimium
  43. In which Harry flies High
  44. Contains what might, perhaps, have been expected
  45. In which Harry finds two Uncles
  46. Chains and Slavery
  47. Visitors in Trouble
  48. An Apparition
  49. Friends in Need
  50. Contains a Great deal of the Finest Morality
  51. Conticuere Omnes
  52. Intentique Ora tenebant
  53. Where we remain at the Court End of the Town
  54. During which Harry sits smoking his Pipe at Home
  55. Between Brothers
  56. Ariadne
  57. In which Mr. Harry’s Nose continues to be put out of joint
  58. Where we do what Cats may do
  59. In which we are treated to a Play
  60. Which treats of Macbeth, a Supper, and a Pretty Kettle of Fish
  61. In which the Prince marches up the Hill and down again
  62. Arma Virumque
  63. Melpomene
  64. In which Harry lives to fight another Day
  65. Soldier’s Return
  66. In which we go a-courting
  67. In which a Tragedy is acted, and two more are begun
  68. In which Harry goes westward
  69. A Little Innocent
  70. In which Cupid plays a Considerable Part
  71. White Favours
  72. (From the Warrington MS.) In which My Lady is on the Top of the Ladder
  73. We keep Christmas at Castlewood. 1759
  74. News from Canada
  75. The Course of True Love
  76. Informs us how Mr. Warrington jumped into a Landau
  77. And how everybody got out again
  78. Pyramus and Thisbe
  79. Containing both Comedy and Tragedy
  80. Pocahontas
  81. Res Angusta Domi
  82. Miles’s Moidore
  83. Troubles and Consolations
  84. In which Harry submits to the Common Lot
  85. Inveni Portum
  86. At Home
  87. The Last of God Save the King
  88. Yankee Doodle comes to Town
  89. A Colonel without a Regiment
  90. In which we both fight and run away
  91. Satis Pugnae
  92. Under Vine and Fig-Tree

Chief Justice of Madras,
this book is inscribed by an affectionate old friend.

London, September 7, 1859.

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