Vanity Fair, by William Makepeace Thackeray


  1. Rebecca's Farewell
  2. Mr. Joseph entangled
  3. Mr. Joseph in a state of excitement
  4. Rebecca makes acquaintance with A live Baronet
  5. Miss Sharp in her School-room
  6. Miss Crawley's affectionate relatives
  7. Mr. Osborne's welcome to Amelia
  8. Lieutenant Osborne and his ardent love letters
  9. The Note on the Pincushion
  10. An Elephant for Sale
  11. Mr. Sedley at the Coffee House
  12. Miss Swartz rehearsing for the Drawing Room
  13. Ensign Stubble practising the art of War
  14. A Family Party at Brighton
  15. Mrs. O'Dowd at the Flower Market
  16. Mrs. Osborne's carriage stopping the way
  17. Venus preparing the armour of Mars
  18. Mr. Jos shaves off his mustachios
  19. Mr. James pipe put out
  20. Major Sugarplums
  21. Mrs. Rawdon's departure from Paris
  22. Georgy makes acquaintance with a Waterloo Man
  23. The Ribbons discovered in the fact
  24. Sir Pitt's last Stage
  25. Glorvina tries her fascination on the Major
  26. The arrival at Queen's Crawley
  27. Betty in Lombard Street
  28. Georgie goes to the church genteelly
  29. The Triumph of Clytemnestra
  30. Colonel Crawley is wanted
  31. Sir Pitt's Study Chair
  32. Georgy a Gentleman
  33. A meeting
  34. Mr. Jos's Hookahbadar
  35. A fine Summer Evening
  36. Jos performs a Polonaise
  37. Becky's second appearance in the character of Clytemnestra
  38. Virtue is rewarded; A booth in Vanity Fair

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