Mrs. Perkin's Ball, by William Makepeace Thackeray

Miss Ranville, Rev. Mr. Toop, Miss Mullins, Mr. Winter.

Miss Ranville, Rev. Mr. Toop, Miss Mullins, Mr. Winter

Mr. W. — Miss Mullins, look at Miss Ranville: what a picture of good humor.

Miss M. — Oh, you satirical creature!

Mr. W. — Do you know why she is so angry? she expected to dance with Captain Grig, and by some mistake, the Cambridge Professor got hold of her: isn’t he a handsome man?

Miss M. — Oh, you droll wretch!

Mr. W. — Yes, he’s a fellow of college — fellows mayn’t marry, Miss Mullins — poor fellows, ay, Miss Mullins?

Miss M. — La!

Mr. W. — And Professor of Phlebotomy in the University. He flatters himself he is a man of the world, Miss Mullins, and always dances in the long vacation.

Miss M. — You malicious, wicked monster!

Mr. W. — Do you know Lady Jane Ranville? Miss Ranville’s mamma. A ball once a year; footmen in canary-colored livery: Baker Street; six dinners in the season; starves all the year round; pride and poverty, you know; I’ve been to her ball ONCE. Ranville Ranville’s her brother, and between you and me — but this, dear Miss Mullins, is a profound secret — I think he’s a greater fool than his sister.

Miss M. — Oh, you satirical, droll, malicious, wicked thing you!

Mr. W. — You do me injustice, Miss Mullins, indeed you do.

[Chaine Anglaise.]

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