Novels by Eminent Hands, by William Makepeace Thackeray

Table of Contents

  1. George De Barnwell, by Sir E. L. B. L., Bart.
  2. Codlingsby, by D. Shrewsberry, Esq.
  3. Phil Fogarty. A Tale of The Fighting Onety-Oneth. by Harry Rollicker.
  4. Barbazure. by G. P. R. Jeames, Esq., etc.
  5. Lords and Liveries.
    by the Authoress of “Dukes and Dejeuners,” “Hearts and Diamonds,” “Marchionesses and Milliners,” etc. etc.
  6. Crinoline. by Je-mes Pl-sh, Esq.
  7. The Stars and Stripes. the Author of “The Last of the Mulligans,” “Pilot,” etc
  8. A Plan for a Prize Novel.

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