The Newcomes, by William Makepeace Thackeray

Table of Contents

  1. The Overture — After which the Curtain rises upon a Drinking Chorus
  2. Colonel Newcome’s Wild Oats
  3. Colonel Newcome’s Letter-box
  4. In which the Author and the Hero resume their Acquaintance
  5. Clive’s Uncles
  6. Newcome Brothers
  7. In which Mr. Clive’s School-days are over
  8. Mrs. Newcome at Home (a Small Early Party)
  9. Miss Honeyman’s
  10. Ethel and her Relations
  11. At Mrs. Ridley’s
  12. In which everybody is asked to Dinner
  13. In which Thomas Newcome sings his Last Song
  14. Park Lane
  15. The Old Ladies
  16. In which Mr. Sherrick lets his House in Fitzroy Square
  17. A School of Art
  18. New Companions
  19. The Colonel at Home
  20. Contains more Particulars of the Colonel and his Brethren
  21. Is Sentimental, but Short
  22. Describes a Visit to Paris; with Accidents and Incidents in London
  23. In which we hear a Soprano and a Contralto
  24. In which the Newcome Brothers once more meet together in Unity
  25. Is passed in a Public-house
  26. In which Colonel Newcome’s Horses are sold
  27. Youth and Sunshine
  28. In which Clive begins to see the World
  29. In which Barnes comes a-wooing
  30. A Retreat
  31. Madame la Duchesse
  32. Barnes’s Courtship
  33. Lady Kew at the Congress
  34. The End of the Congress of Baden
  35. Across the Alps
  36. In which M. de Florac is promoted
  37. Return to Lord Kew
  38. In which Lady Kew leaves his Lordship quite convalescent
  39. Amongst the Painters
  40. Returns from Rome to Pall Mall
  41. An Old Story
  42. Injured Innocence
  43. Returns to some Old Friends
  44. In which Mr. Charles Honeyman appears in an Amiable Light
  45. A Stag of Ten
  46. The Hotel de Florac
  47. Contains two or three Acts of a Little Comedy
  48. In which Benedick is a Married Man
  49. Contains at least six more Courses and two Desserts
  50. Clive in New Quarters
  51. An Old Friend
  52. Family Secrets
  53. In which Kinsmen fall out
  54. Has a Tragical Ending
  55. Barnes’s Skeleton Closet
  56. Rosa quo locorum sera moratur
  57. Rosebury and Newcome
  58. “One more Unfortunate”
  59. In which Achilles loses Briseis
  60. In which we write to the Colonel
  61. In which we are introduced to a New Newcome
  62. Mr. and Mrs. Clive Newcome
  63. Mrs. Clive at Home
  64. Absit Omen
  65. In which Mrs. Clive comes into her Fortune
  66. In which the Colonel and the Newcome Athenaeum are both lectured
  67. Newcome and Liberty
  68. A Letter and a Reconciliation
  69. The Election
  70. Chiltern Hundreds
  71. In which Mrs. Clive Newcome’s Carriage is ordered
  72. Belisarius
  73. In which Belisarius returns from Exile
  74. In which Clive begins the World
  75. Founder’s Day at the Grey Friars
  76. Christmas at Rosebury
  77. The Shortest and Happiest in the Whole History
  78. In which the Author goes on a Pleasant Errand
  79. In which Old Friends come together
  80. In which the Colonel says “Adsum” when his Name is called

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