Mens Wives, by William Makepeace Thackeray

Table of Contents

The Ravenswing

  1. Which is Entirely Introductory — Contains an Account of Miss Crump, Her Suitors, and Her Family Circle.
  2. In which Mr. Walker Makes Three Attempts to Ascertain the Dwelling of Morgiana.
  3. What Came of Mr Walker’s Discovery of the “Bootjack.”
  4. In which the Heroine Has A Number More Lovers, and Cuts A Very Dashing Figure in the World.
  5. In which Mr. Walker Falls Into Difficulties, and Mrs. Walker Makes Many Foolish Attempts to Rescue Him.
  6. In which Mr. Walker Still Remains in Difficulties, But Shows Great Resignation Under His Misfortunes.
  7. In which Morgiana Advances Towards Fame and Honour, and in which Several Great Literary Characters Make Their Appearance.
  8. In which Mr. Walker Shows Great Prudence and Forbearance.
  9. Postscript.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Berry.

  1. The Fight at Slaughter House.
  2. The Combat at Versailles.

Dennis Haggarty’s Wife.

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