The Great Hoggarty Diamond, by William Makepeace Thackeray

Table of Contents

  1. Gives an Account of Our Village and the First Glimpse of the Diamond
  2. Tells How the Diamond is Brought Up to London, and Produces Wonderful Effects Both in the City and at the West End
  3. How the Possessor of the Diamond is Whisked Into A Magnificent Chariot, and Has Yet Further Good Luck
  4. How the Happy Diamond-Wearer Dines at Pentonville
  5. How the Diamond Introduces Him to A Still More Fashionable Place
  6. Of the West Diddlesex Association, and of the Effect the Diamond Had There
  7. How Samuel Titmarsh Reached the Highest Point of Prosperity
  8. Relates the Happiest Day of Samuel Titmarsh’s Life
  9. Brings Back Sam, His Wife, Aunt, and Diamond, to London
  10. Of Sam’s Private Affairs and of the Firm of Brough and Hoff
  11. In Which It Appears That A Man May Possess A Diamond and Yet Be Very Hard Pressed for A Dinner
  12. In Which the Hero’s Aunt’s Diamond Makes Acquaintance with the Hero’s Uncle
  13. In Which It is Shown That A Good Wife is the Best Diamond A Man Can Wear in His Bosom

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