The History of Henry Esmond, by William Makepeace Thackeray

Table of Contents




The Early Youth of Henry Esmond, Up to the Time of His Leaving Trinity College, in Cambridge.
  1. An Account of the Family of Esmond of Castlewood Hall.
  2. Relates How Francis, Fourth Viscount, Arrives at Castlewood.
  3. Whither in the Time of Thomas, Third Viscount, I Had Preceded Him As Page to Isabella.
  4. I am Placed Under a Popish Priest and Bred to That Religion. — Viscountess Castlewood.
  5. My Superiors Are Engaged in Plots for the Restoration of King James Ii.
  6. The Issue of the Plots. — The Death of Thomas, Third Viscount of Castlewood; and the Imprisonment of His Viscountess.
  7. I Am Left at Castlewood an Orphan, and Find Most Kind Protectors There.
  8. After Good Fortune Comes Evil.
  9. I Have the Small-Pox, and Prepare to Leave Castlewood.
  10. I Go to Cambridge, and Do But Little Good There.
  11. I Come Home for a Holiday to Castlewood, and Find a Skeleton in the House.
  12. My Lord Mohun Comes Among Us for No Good.
  13. My Lord Leaves Us and His Evil Behind Him.
  14. We Ride After Him to London.


Contains Mr. Esmond’s Military Life, and Other Matters Appertaining to the Esmond Family.
  1. I Am in Prison, and Visited, But Not Consoled There.
  2. I Come to the End of My Captivity, But Not of My Trouble.
  3. I Take the Queen’s Pay in Quin’s Regiment.
  4. Recapitulations.
  5. I Go On the Vigo Bay Expedition, Taste Salt-Water and Smell Powder.
  6. The 29th December.
  7. I Am Made Welcome at Walcote.
  8. Family Talk.
  9. I Make the Campaign of 1704.
  10. An Old Story About a Fool and a Woman.
  11. The Famous Mr. Joseph Addison.
  12. I Get a Company in the Campaign of 1706.
  13. I Meet an Old Acquaintance in Flanders, and Find My Mother’s Grave and My Own Cradle There.
  14. The Campaign of 1707, 1708.
  15. General Webb Wins the Battle of Wynendael.


Containing the End of Mr. Esmond’s Adventures in England.
  1. I Come to an End of My Battles and Bruises.
  2. I Go Home, and Harp On the Old String.
  3. A Paper Out of the “spectator.”
  4. Beatrix’s New Suitor.
  5. Mohun Appears for the Last Time in This History.
  6. Poor Beatrix.
  7. I Visit Castlewood Once More.
  8. I Travel to France and Bring Home a Portrait of Rigaud.
  9. The Original of the Portrait Comes to England.
  10. We Entertain a Very Distinguished Guest at Kensington.
  11. Our Guest Quits Us As Not Being Hospitable Enough.
  12. A Great Scheme, and Who Balked It.
  13. August 1st, 1714.

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