Catherine: a story, by William Makepeace Thackeray

Table of Contents


  1. Introducing to the reader the chief personages of this narrative.
  2. In which are depicted the pleasures of a sentimental attachment.
  3. In which a narcotic is administered, and a great deal of genteel Society depicted.
  4. In which Mrs. Catherine becomes an honest woman again.
  5. Contains Mr. Brock’s Autobiography, and other matters.
  6. Adventures of the Ambassador, Mr. Macshane.
  7. Which embraces a period of seven years.
  8. Enumerates the accomplishments of Master Thomas Billings — Introduces Brock as Doctor Wood — and announces the execution of Ensign Macshane.
  9. Interview between Count Galgenstein and Master Thomas Billings, when he informs the Count of his parentage.
  10. Showing how Galgenstein and Mrs. Cat recognise each other in Marylebone Gardens — And how the Count drives her home in his carriage.
  11. Of some domestic quarrels, and the consequence thereof.
  12. Treats of Love, and prepares for Death.
  13. Being a preparation for the End.
  14. Chapter the Last.
  15. Another Last Chapter.

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