Jonathan Swift, D.D.

containing additional letters, tracts, and poems, not hitherto published;

with notes and a life of the author by

Sir Walter Scott, Bart.

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Table of Contents

  1. image Memoirs of Jonathan Swift, D. D.
  2. image Journal to Stella (Letter I-XLII)
  3. image Journal to Stella (Letter XLIII-LXV). Tracts, political and historical, prior to the accession of George I. The Examiner.
  4. image Tracts, historical and political, during the reign of Queen Anne.
  5. image Tracts, historical and political, during the reign of Queen Anne. (continued)
  6. image Law is a bottomless pit; or, The history of John Bull. Tracts relative to Ireland. The drapier’s letters.
  7. image The drapier’s letters (concluded). Miscellaneous tracts upon Irish affairs. Sermons.
  8. image Sermons (continued). Tracts. Essays.
  9. image Miscellaneous essays.
  10. image Tale of a tub. Battle of the books. Poems [etc.]
  11. image Gulliver’s travels. Directions to servants.
  12. image Historical tracts. Political poetry. Poems chiefly relating to Irish politics.
  13. image Miscellanies, by Mr. Pope, Dr. Arbuthnot, Mr. Gay, &c. Prose miscellanies by Swift and Sheridan.
  14. image Miscellaneous poems.
  15. image Poems, by Dr. Swift and his friends. Epistolary correspondence.
  16. image Epistolary correspondence.
  17. image Epistolary correspondence.
  18. image Epistolary correspondence.
  19. image Epistolary correspondence. Index.

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