A Tale of a Tub, by Jonathan Swift

Table of Contents


To the Right Honourable John Lord Somers.

The Bookseller to the Reader

The Epistle Dedicatory to His Royal Highness Prince Posterity

The Preface.

Section I. — The Introduction.

Section II.

Section III. — A Digression Concerning Critics.

Section IV. — A Tale of a Tub.

Section V. — A Digression in the Modern Kind.

Section VI. — A Tale of a Tub.

Section VII. — A Digression in Praise of Digressions.

Section VIII. — A Tale of a Tub.

Section IX. — A Digression Concerning the Original, the Use, and Improvement of Madness in a Commonwealth.

Section X. — A Farther Digression.

Section XI. — A Tale of a Tub.

The Conclusion.

The History of Martin.

A Digression on the Nature, Usefulness, and Necessity of Wars and Quarrels.

The History of Martin — Continued.

A Project for the Universal Benefit of Mankind.


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