Gulliver's Travels, by Jonathan Swift

List of Illustrations

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  1. Gulliver released from the strings raises and stretches himself
  2. The Emperor of Lilliput reviews his troops
  3. Gulliver seizes the enemy’s fleet
  4. The Lilliputian tailors measure Gulliver for a new suit of clothes
  5. Gulliver is struck with fear at first sight of the Brobdingnagian reapers
  6. Gulliver kisses the Queen of Brobdingnagia’s hand
  7. Gulliver’s combat with the wasps
  8. Apples came tumbling about my ears
  9. Gulliver’s encounter with the frog
  10. A Laputian gentleman taking a walk
  11. Two of those sages . . . like pedlars among us
  12. The Struldbrugs

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