On the Conduct of the Allies, by Jonathan Swift

Table of Contents

Partem tibi Gallia nostri

Eripuit: Partem duris Hispania bellis:

Pars jacet Hesperia, totoque exercitus orbe

Te vincente perit.

Odimus accipitrem quia semper vivit in armis.

Victrix Provincia plorat.

This tract, published ten days before the Parliament met in December 1711, forms the first and principal of a series (including the Remarks on the Barrier Treaty, the Examiner, and the Public Spirit of the Whigs), by which Swift supported the administration of Harley, and reflected back discredit on that of Godolphin, by the exposure of the secret springs of affairs in England and throughout Europe. The Journal to Stella from 30 October to 3 December shows how much care and pains were bestowed by Swift on the preparation of this pamphlet; which, it has been said, ‘will be the basis for all who write the history of those times to build upon; as it detects the artifices of the ministry, which the nation was at that time diverted from attending to by a course of victories; and exposes the baldness of our general, that ought not to be concealed by his laurels.’ [ . . . ]


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