The Journals of John McDouall Stuart, by John McDouall Stuart


A’Beckett’s Pool.

Accident: to instruments. to plans. to Mr. Stuart. to Kekwick.

Adelaide River: Valley of the.

Alligator’s skull found.

Anderson Creek.


Ann Creek.

Anna: Creek. Mount. Reservoir.



Arden, Mount.

Arthur, Mount.

Ascent of: Brinkley Bluff. Mount Denison. Mount Strzelecki. Mount Primrose. Mount Stuart.

Ashburton Range.

Attack Creek.

Attraction, Mount.

Auld’s Chain of Ponds.

Auriferous appearances.

Babbage, Mr.

Bagot Range.

Baker Creek.


Barker’s party, Mr.

Barker Creek.

Barkley Mount.

Barrow: Creek. Springs.

Bectimah Gaip.

Beddome, Mount.


Ben: Mount. Illness of. Faithfulness of.

Bennett Springs.

Beresford Springs.

Billiatt Springs.


Bishop Creek.

Blue-Grass Swamp.

Blyth: The. Mount.

Bonney Creek.

Bottle: Hill. Mr. Stuart leaves one.

Brinkley Bluff.

British Flag planted.

Brodie, Mr.

Browne, Mount.

Burial in trees.

Burke Creek.

Cabbage Palms.

Carruthers Creek.

Centre of Australia.

Central Mount Stuart.

Chambers: Bay. Creek. Pillar. River.

Charles: Mount. Creek.


Coffee, A substitute for.

Coglin, The.

Comet, A.

Cooper Creek.

Copper, Indications of.



Coward Springs.

Crawford Range.

Cucumber: a cure for scurvy. boiled.

Daly: Water. Range.

Daniel, Mount.

Davenport: Creek. Range.

Deception, Mount.

Decoy Hill.

Delusion, Mount.

Denison, Mount.

Dingo, The.

Douglas, The.

Dutton, Mount.

Eclipse of sun.

Elizabeth: The. Springs.

Ellen Creek.

Emerald Springs.

Esther, Mount.

Expedition, Victorian.

Eyre Lake.


Fanny: The. Springs.

Ferguson’s, Mr.: Station. Creek.

Fern, A New.

Figg, Mount.

Finke: River. Mount.

Finniss Springs.

Fish: shooting.

Fisher Creek.

Flowers, New.

Forster Range.

Fowler Bay.

Francis Ponds.

Freeling: Mount. Springs.

Freemasonry among the natives.

Frew: The. Water-hole.


Gairdner Lake.

George Creek.

Gibson’s Station, Mr.

Gilbert Creek.

Gleeson Creek.

Glen’s Station, Mr.

Goodiar Creek.

Goolong Springs.

Goose, A peculiar.

Goyder, Mount.

Grape, Wild.

Gregory: Mr. Creek.

Gwynne, Mount.

Hall, Mount.

Hamilton: Mount. Springs.

Hanson: Creek. Bluff. Range.

Harvey, Mount.

Harris, Mount.

Hawker: Creek. Mount. Springs.

Hay, Mount.

Hayward Creek.

Head’s Range.

Helpman: Mount. Lieutenant.

Hergott Springs.

Hope, The Spring of.

Hostile natives.

Hot wind.

Howell Ponds.

Hugh: Mount. The.

Humphries, Mount.

Hunter Creek.

James Range.

Jarvis’ Station.


Illness of: Mr. Stuart. Kekwick. Waterhouse.

Incantation scene.



Inundation, An.

John Range.

Iron tomahawk.

Kangaroo mice.

Katherine, The.

Kekwick: Good conduct of. Accident to. Illness of. Ponds. Springs. Large Group of Springs.

King’s Chain of Ponds.

Kingston, Mount.

Lawson Creek.

Leichardt, Mount.

Levi’s: Boundary. Station.

Levi, Mount.

Lily: A new. Marsh.

Lindsay Creek.

Louden Spa.

Loveday Creek.


Malay type of natives.

Mann, Mount.

Marchant Springs.

Margaret: The. Mount.

Mary, The.

Masters lost and found.

McDouall Range.

McEllister Springs.

McGorrerey Ponds.

McKinlay Creek.

McLaren Creek.

Miller’s Water.

Milne Springs.

Morphett: Creek. Mount.


Muller, Mount.

Murchison Range.

Mussel Camp.

Nash Spring.

Natives: camping-place. fondness for fishhooks. Freemasons.

Native: villages. stories in Adelaide about. weapons. wells.

Neale: The. River, West.

Newcastle Water.

Nuts, Poisonous.

O’Halloran, Mount.

Opossum, Forster catches an.


Owen Springs.

Palm-tree, A remarkable.



Parry Springs.

Pascoe Springs.

Pasley Ponds.

Peake: The. Mount.


Phillips Creek.



Planting the flag.

Poisonous plants.

Porter Hill.

Powell Creek.

Polly: Lameness of. Madness of. has a foal. Springs.

Primrose: Mount. Springs.

Priscilla Creek.

Purdie Ponds.

Rennie, Mount.

Reynolds Range.

Roper River.

Rose, A new.

Ross, The.

Samuel, Mount.

Santo, Mount.


Sea, First view of the.

Separation Camp.


Shillinglaw, Mount.

Short Range.

Smith, the deserter.

Stevenson: The. Mount.

Stirling, The.

Stow, Mount.

Strangways: Mount. Range. River. Springs.

Streaky Bay.

Strzelecki, Mount.

Stuart, Central Mount.

Sturt: Captain. Mount. Plains. Range.

Sullivan: lost for three days. Creek.

Taylor, The.

Tennant Creek.

Thring Creek.

Tide Creek, Adelaide River.

Tomahawk: Iron. Stone.

Tomkinson Creek.

Torrens Lake.

Traces of: a native battle. natives.

Tree: New. Palm. India-rubber. Cork. Orange.

Trees marked.


Turtle, A live.

Vegetable, Useful.

Victoria Expedition.


Warburton, Major.

Warwick Range.

Waterbags, Failure of.

Waterfall, A beautiful.


Waterhouse: Illness of. Range. River.

Waterlily, A new.

Watson Creek.

Watts, Mount.


Whittington Range.

Wicksteed Creek.

William: Creek. Springs.

Wind, A hot.


Woodcock, Mount.

Woodforde’s: encounter with natives. Creek.


Yarra Wirta.


Younghusband, Mount.

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