Robert Louis Stevenson, A Record, An Estimate, A Memorial, by A.H. Japp

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction and First Impressions
  2. Treasure Island and Some Reminiscences
  3. The Child Father of the Man
  4. Heredity Illustrated
  5. Travels
  6. Some Earlier Letters
  7. The Vailima Letters
  8. Work of Later Years
  9. Some Characteristics
  10. A Samoan Memorial of R. L. Stevenson
  11. Miss Stubbs’ Record of a Pilgrimage
  12. His Genius and Methods
  13. Preacher and Mystic Fabulist
  14. Stevenson as Dramatist
  15. Theory of Good and Evil
  16. Stevenson’s Gloom
  17. Proofs of Growth
  18. Earlier Determinations and Results
  19. Edmund Clarence Stedman’s Estimate
  20. Egotistic Element and its Effects
  21. Unity in Stevenson’s Stories
  22. Personal Cheerfulness and Invented Gloom
  23. Edinburgh Reviewers’ Dicta Inapplicable to Later Work
  24. Mr Henley’s Spiteful Perversions
  25. Mr Christie Murray’s Impressions
  26. Hero-Villains
  27. Mr G. Moore, Mr Marriott Watson and Others
  28. Unexpected Combinations
  29. Love of Vagabonds
  30. Lord Rosebery’s Case
  31. Mr Gosse and Ms. Of Treasure Island
  32. Stevenson Portraits
  33. Lapses and Errors in Criticism
  34. Letters and Poems in Testimony

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