The Wrecker, by Robert Louis Stevenson and Lloyd Osbourne

Table of Contents


In the Marquesas.

The Yarn.

  1. A Sound Commercial Education.
  2. Roussillon Wine.
  3. To Introduce Mr. Pinkerton.
  4. In which I Experience Extremes of Fortune.
  5. In which I Am Down on My Luck in Paris.
  6. In which I Go West.
  7. Irons in the Fire.
  8. Faces on the City Front.
  9. The Wreck of the “Flying Scud.”
  10. In which the Crew Vanish.
  11. In which Jim and I Take Different Ways.
  12. The “Norah Creina.”
  13. The Island and the Wreck.
  14. The Cabin of the “Flying Scud.”
  15. The Cargo of the “Flying Scud.”
  16. In which I Turn Smuggler, and the Captain Casuist
  17. Light from the Man of War.
  18. Cross-Questions and Crooked Answers.
  19. Travels with a Shyster.
  20. Stallbridge-Le-Carthew.
  21. Face to Face.
  22. The Remittance Man.
  23. The Budget of the “Currency Lass.”
  24. A Hard Bargain.
  25. A Bad Bargain.


To Will H. Low.

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