Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson

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  1. Frontispiece
  2. Titlepage
  3. Map
  4. “If you do not put that knife this instant in your pocket, you shall hang at the next assizes“
  5. The next instant I saw Black Dog in full flight
  6. At one look the rum went out of him and left him staring sober
  7. And she began to count the Captain’s score from the sailor’s bag
  8. He struck at them right and left in his blindness
  9. The Doctor opened the seals with great care, and there fell out the map of an island
  10. I said good-by to mother and the cove and to dear old ”Admiral Benbow“
  11. “Oh,” I cried, ”Stop him! It’s Black Dog!”
  12. “Out o’ That! Off with you to the cook and get some work“
  13. The man at the helm was watching the luff of the sail
  14. ”Here’s to ourselves, and plenty of prizes and plenty of duff
  15. “One more cheer for Cap’n Smollett,” cried Long John
  16. Caught a branch and swung myself out, and plunged into the nearest thicket
  17. Just before him Tom lay motionless upon the sward
  18. “I’m poor Ben Gunn, I am. Marooned three years agone, and lived on goats since then.”
  19. “Down, dog!” Cries the captain. and the head popped back again
  20. “Tell us, Squire, when you see the match, and we’ll hold water“
  21. I ran to the door in time to see jim hawkins, safe and sound, come climbing over the stockade
  22. We buried old tom in the sand, and stood round him bareheaded in the breeze
  23. “Give me a hand up!” he cried. ”Not I,” Returned the captain
  24. The boarders swarmed over the fence like monkeys
  25. I lifted the side of the tent, and there was Ben Gunn’s boat
  26. It showed me Hands and his companion locked together in deadly wrestle
  27. I felt willing rather to starve at sea than to confront such perils
  28. “I can’t have these Colors, Mr. Hands, and, by your leave, I’ll strike ’em“
  29. The Coxswain loosed his grasp upon the shrouds and plunged head first into the water
  30. With my arms before me I walked steadily in
  31. “Take a cutlass, him that dares, and I’ll see the color of his inside, crutch and all, before that pipe’s empty”
  32. I saw the blade of an open knife shine in his hand
  33. “One jump and you’re out, and we’ll run for it like antelopes”
  34. For all the world, I was led like a dancing bear
  35. “Darby M’Graw!” it wailed, ”Darby M’Graw!”
  36. Merry tumbled head foremost into the excavation
  37. I was kept busy packing the minted money into bread-bags

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