In the South Seas, by Robert Louis Stevenson

Table of Contents

Part I: The Marquesas

  1. Chapter I— An Island Landfall
  2. Chapter II— Making Friends
  3. Chapter III— The Maroon
  4. Chapter IV— Death
  5. Chapter V— Depopulation
  6. Chapter VI— Chiefs and Tapus
  7. Chapter VII— Hatiheu
  8. Chapter VIII— The Port of Entry
  9. Chapter IX— The House of Temoana
  10. Chapter X— A Portrait and a Story
  11. Chapter XI— Long-Pig — A Cannibal High Place
  12. Chapter XII— The Story of a Plantation
  13. Chapter XIII— Characters
  14. Chapter XIV— In a Cannibal Valley
  15. Chapter XV— The Two Chiefs of Atuona

Part II: The Paumotus

  1. Chapter I— The Dangerous Archipelago — Atolls at a Distance
  2. Chapter II— Fakarava: An Atoll at Hand
  3. Chapter III— A House to Let in a Low Island
  4. Chapter IV— Traits and Sects in the Paumotus
  5. Chapter V— A Paumotuan Funeral
  6. Chapter VI— Graveyard Stories

Part III: The Gilberts

  1. Chapter I— Butaritari
  2. Chapter II— The Four Brothers
  3. Chapter III— Around Our House
  4. Chapter IV— A Tale of a Tapu
  5. Chapter V— A Tale of a Tapu — Continued
  6. Chapter VI— The Five Days’ Festival
  7. Chapter VII— Husband and Wife

Part IV: The Gilberts — Apemama

  1. Chapter I— The King of Apemama: The Royal Trader
  2. Chapter II— The King of Apemama: Foundation of Equator Town
  3. Chapter III— The King of Apemama: The Palace of Many Women
  4. Chapter IV— The King of Apemama: Equator Town and the Palace
  5. Chapter V— King and Commons
  6. Chapter VI— The King of Apemama: Devil-Work
  7. Chapter VII— The King of Apemama

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