New Poems, by Robert Louis Stevenson

Table of Contents

  1. Prayer
  2. Lo! In Thine Honest Eyes I Read
  3. Though Deep Indifference Should Drowse
  4. My Heart, when First the Black-Bird Sings
  5. I Dreamed of Forest Alleys Fair
  6. St. Martin’s Summer
  7. Dedication
  8. The Old Chimaeras, Old Receipts
  9. Prelude
  10. The Vanquished Knight
  11. To the Commissioners of Northern Lights
  12. The Relic Taken, what Avails the Shrine?
  13. About the Sheltered Garden Ground
  14. After Reading “Antony and Cleopatra”
  15. I Know Not How, but as I Count
  16. Spring Song
  17. The Summer Sun Shone Round Me
  18. You Looked So Tempting in the Pew
  19. Love’s Vicissitudes
  20. Duddingstone
  21. Stout Marches Lead to Certain Ends
  22. Away with Funeral Music
  23. To Sydney
  24. Had I the Power that have the Will
  25. O Dull Cold Northern Sky
  26. Apologetic Postscript of a Year Later
  27. To Marcus
  28. To Ottilie
  29. This Gloomy Northern Day
  30. The Wind is Without There and Howls in the Trees
  31. A Valentine’s Song
  32. Hail! Childish Slaves of Social Rules
  33. Swallows Travel to and Fro
  34. To Mesdames Zassetsky and Garschine
  35. To Madame Garschine
  36. Music at the Villa Marina
  37. Fear Not, Dear Friend, but Freely Live Your Days
  38. Let Love Go, If Go she Will
  39. I Do Not Fear to Own Me Kin
  40. I Am Like One that for Long Days had Sate
  41. Voluntary
  42. On Now, Although the Year Be Done
  43. In the Green and Gallant Spring
  44. Death, to the Dead for Evermore
  45. To Charles Baxter On the Death of Their Common Friend, Mr. John Adam, Clerk of Court.
  46. I who All the Winter Through
  47. Love, what is Love?
  48. Soon Our Friends Perish
  49. As One who Having Wandered All Night Long
  50. Strange are the Ways of Men
  51. The Wind Blew Shrill and Smart
  52. Man Sails the Deep Awhile
  53. The Cock’s Clear Voice into the Clearer Air
  54. Now when the Number of My Years
  55. What Man May Learn, what Man May Do
  56. Small is the Trust when Love is Green
  57. Know You the River Near to Grez
  58. It’s Forth Across the Roaring Foam
  59. An English Breeze
  60. As in Their Flight the Birds of Song
  61. The Piper
  62. To Mrs. Macmarland
  63. To Miss Cornish
  64. Tales of Arabia
  65. Behold, as Goblins Dark of Mien
  66. Still I Love to Rhyme
  67. Long Time I Lay in Little Ease
  68. Flower God, God of the Spring
  69. Come, My Beloved, Hear from Me
  70. Since Years Ago for Evermore
  71. Envoy for “A Child’s Garden of Verses”
  72. For Richmond’s Garden Wall
  73. Hail, Guest, and Enter Freely!
  74. Lo, Now, My Guest
  75. So Live, So Love, So Use that Fragile Hour
  76. Ad Se Ipsum
  77. Before this Little Gift was Come
  78. Go, Little Book — The Ancient Phrase
  79. My Love was Warm
  80. Dedicatory Poem for “Underwoods”
  81. Farewell
  82. The Far-Farers
  83. Home, My Little Children, Here are Songs for You
  84. Come from the Daisied Meadows
  85. Early in the Morning I Hear on Your Piano
  86. Fair Isle at Sea
  87. Loud and Low in the Chimney
  88. I Love to Be Warm by the Red Fireside
  89. At Last she Comes
  90. Mine Eyes Were Swift to Know Thee
  91. Fixed is the Doom
  92. Men are Heaven’s Piers
  93. The Angler Rose, he Took His Rod
  94. Spring Carol
  95. To what Shall I Compare Her?
  96. When the Sun Comes After Rain
  97. Late, O Miller
  98. To Friends at Home
  99. I, Whom Apollo Sometime Visited
  100. Tempest Tossed and Sore Afflicted
  101. Variant Form of the Preceding Poem
  102. I Now, O Friend, Whom Noiselessly the Snows
  103. Since Thou Hast Given Me this Good Hope, O God
  104. God Gave to Me a Child in Part
  105. Over the Land is April
  106. Light as the Linnet on My Way I Start
  107. Come, Here is Adieu to the City
  108. It Blows a Snowing Gale
  109. Ne Sit Ancillae Tibi Amor Pudor
  110. To All that Love the Far and Blue
  111. Thou Strainest Through the Mountain Fern
  112. To Rosabelle
  113. Now Bare to the Beholder’s Eye
  114. The Bour-Tree Den
  115. Sonnets
  116. Air of Diabelli’s
  117. Epitaphium Erotii
  118. De M. Antonio
  119. Ad Magistrum Ludi
  120. Ad Nepotem
  121. In Charidemum
  122. De Ligurra
  123. In Lupum
  124. Ad Quintilianum
  125. De Hortis Julii Martialis
  126. Ad Martialem
  127. In Maximum
  128. Ad Olum
  129. De Coenatione Micae
  130. De Erotio Puella
  131. Ad Piscatorem

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