Memoir of Fleeming Jenkin, by Robert Louis Stevenson

Table of Contents

Preface to the American Edition

Chapter I.

The Jenkins of Stowting — Fleeming’s grandfather — Mrs. Buckner’s fortune — Fleeming’s father; goes to sea; at St. Helena; meets King Tom; service in the West Indies; end of his career — The Campbell-Jacksons — Fleeming’s mother — Fleeming’s uncle John.

Chapter II. 1833-1851.

Birth and Childhood — Edinburgh — Frankfort-on-the-Main — Paris — The Revolution of 1848 — The Insurrection — Flight to Italy — Sympathy with Italy — The Insurrection in Genoa — A Student in Genoa — The Lad and his Mother.

Chapter III. 1851-1858.

Return to England — Fleeming at Fairbairn’s — Experience in a Strike — Dr. Bell and Greek Architecture — The Gaskells — Fleeming at Greenwich — The Austins — Fleeming and the Austins — His Engagement — Fleeming and Sir W. Thomson.

Chapter IV. 1859-1868.

Fleeming’s Marriage — His Married Life — Professional Difficulties — Life at Claygate — Illness of Mrs. F. Jenkin; and of Fleeming — Appointment to the Chair at Edinburgh.

Chapter V. — Notes of Telegraph Voyages, 1858 to 1873.

Chapter VI. — 1869-1885.

Edinburgh — Colleagues — Farrago Vitae — I. The Family Circle — Fleeming and his Sons — Highland Life — The Cruise of the Steam Launch — Summer in Styria — Rustic Manners — II. The Drama — Private Theatricals — III. Sanitary Associations — The Phonograph — IV. Fleeming’s Acquaintance with a Student — His late Maturity of Mind — Religion and Morality — His Love of Heroism — Taste in Literature — V. His Talk — His late Popularity — Letter from M. Trelat.

Chapter VII. 1875-1885.

Mr Jenkin’s Illness — Captain Jenkin — The Golden Wedding — Death of Uncle John — Death of Mr. and Mrs. Austin — Illness and Death of the Captain — Death of Mrs. Jenkin — Effect on Fleeming — Telpherage — The End.


Note On the Contributions of Fleeming Jenkin to Electrical and Engineering Science. by Sir William Thomson, F.r.s., LL D., etc., etc.
Note On the Work of Fleeming Jenkin in Connection with Sanitary Reform. by Lt. Col. Alexander Fergusson.

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