Geography and Plays, by Gertrude Stein

Table of Contents

The Work of Gertrude Stein

Susie Asado 13
Ada 14
Miss Furr and Miss Skeene 17
A Collection 23
France 27
Americans 39
Italians 46
A Sweet Tail (gypsies) 65
The History of Belmonte 70
In the Grass (on spain) 75
England 82
Mallorcan Stories 96
Scenes. actions and dispositions of relations and positions 97
The King or Something (the public is invited to dance) 122
Publishers, the Portrait Gallery, and the Manuscripts of the British Museum 134
Roche 141
Braque 144
Portrait of Prince B. D. 150
Mrs. Whitehead 154
Portrait of Constance Fletcher 157
A Poem About Walberg 166
Johnny Grey 167
A Portrait of F. B. 176
Sacred Emily 178
One (van vechten) 199
One. harry phelan gibb 201
A Curtain Raiser 202
Ladies Voices (curtain raiser) 203
What Happened. A Play in Five Acts 205
White Wines. Three Acts 210
Do Let Us Go Away. A Play 215
For the Country Entirely. A Play in Letters 227
Turkey Bones and Eating and We Liked It. A Play 239
Every Afternoon. A Dialogue 254
Captain Walter Arnold. A Play 260
Please Do Not Suffer. A Play 262
He Said It. Monologue 267
Counting Her Dresses. A Play 275
I Like It to Be a Play. A Play 286
Not Sightly. A Play 290
Bonne Annee. A Play 302
Mexico. A Play 304
A Family of Perhaps Three 331
Advertisements 341
Pink Melon Joy 347
If You Had Three Husbands 377
Work Again 392
Tourty or Tourtebattre. a story of the great war 401
Next. (life and letters of marcel duchamp) 405
Land of Nations. (sub title: and ask asia) 407
Accents in Alsace. a reasonable tragedy 409
The Psychology of Nations or What Are You Looking At 416

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