Geography and Plays, by Gertrude Stein


Leave off more time than the hope which assures the rent of a custom, the sweetness is not only there it is the reason left and monkeys are not merry. If you do have the eyes blue and the hair the color then it is easy to see the hands.

All along and the day, the prize is not driven and the selecting of all the coal is that.

All the while is light and cleaning is not repetition. If you see the chance then spring again and if not be extreme, be certain that the show has that line in line and do not, never, see the patent desert the measles.

So the cloth is alright and the carpet is English. Pink and the moon, that sweet sugar is brown.

Cane sour asparagus and do not season with reason. Certainly the union of oxygen with ostriches is not that of the taught tracer. It is not a window that has an elastic it is planted gutta percha.

The change is not plain seeking, the hills are not dislocated and the cluster has not the name of the intermediate beginning.

To paste more attention on a bridge is not the path that is taken. All of it is planted. The blossom is pealing, the tender dew is green, the presence is in the time in between, the sacrifice is that that the bell which rings has a clapper. The pleasure in the use is not so dreary but that there is an exchange.

One sees a custom, one sees a date, one sees a potatoe, one sees a caterpillar, one sees more particulars than kissing, one sees the blame distributed, one sees more than any one.

Powder and food, union and despatch, so that there is no pale color, so that there is black, so that there is much preperation of a return to the same.

If a little meadow and a tree have that use and a morning and the west wind have that use and the evening and the continuation have that use then there is no use when the sing song ends rising.

Yes there is the same. There is all of that which makes it certain that something is what is there and not misplaced. This means that to be different there is not any place that is the same and if the whole place is there then it is not alarming it is confirming. This is so shrewdly what is proven.

Bailing the center of a spot and not having an embankment is not the only way to flirt. So soon, so left without a spoon, so august and so strange and taller than every other, it is not astonishing that some one is older.

There is not a seed and an orange. An orange is red and yellow. A seed has only a little way to grow and there is not any palm that grows larger. It is the same. It is astonishing, it is the same. The sweet spread of the union with intuition and every anger is so certain that there is no bloom. There is red feeling and the color is deeper. Blue is of some use. There is more place for weather.

A pigeon is a bird and flying it is not widening the piece that cooking makes duller, not at all, it does not taste that way.

The cause and any effect this does not make the smell stronger, this does not make what is pie.

To change any sigh, then to place all of that hope, to destroy dancing and to make a lovely turn that is not the season of every day, that is not the season of Monday, that is not the season of Sunday.

A pleasant taste and plenty of butter, a pleasant drink and plenty of water, tea and more fruit than in winter, bread and more eaten than ever this is so sad and every one sees that it is to be cheerful. Any one sees cheerful weather, every one eats cheerful potatoes, they are large and there is water and there is butter, a whole city is not subdued it is iniquitous, it is so soon to see the plant that is not buried showing more white tail than ever. A little thing is never tender. The size is there.

In the moan where there is no groan, in the noise where there is no presence, in the palm where there is the range of the seed and the light of more, in the room where there is all there the place where there is every chair, in the hall where there is steam-heat all about there is union in the height of some. So then there is no prayer where the use is more strange than none. This does not make for cheese and the rest are the same every day.

Butter which is every where has a little table, fish is all the time of day when the silver is away and there is more there. All the daylight makes for meat and the washing has that price, every price is cheaper. All the finished way to treat everything there is to place is not the only way to shape the standing heating. All the day is every day and exercise is made that way and piling plates where there is grass is something that is neater. To originate a smash means more tasting than there is when there is no use in stewing more than has been put in there to stay. So comes more length and some more weight and the bestowal of that piece is not astonishing.

The lantern of blinking is not lively and this is distracted by quick ways of winking. There is so much use. The line of the rise is afternoon sunrise.

So the main is seen and the green is green. Pleasure the rotten winter when there is a rotten summer. There are some things a place can not show.

So there is no end to a name and there is no end of likelihood. A darling makes no noise and a spoon makes nothing pink.

Return the whole special short sentence and then say that he will be pleased. To say that in that result is so much more particular. The cleanliness comes from washing the little pieces at the center and not making them have the sparkle in black. This is not all of a windy day. So much more that is green and not gold makes the bottom have that form. The shapes are there. They are not there when they are the same. A reason is given. It has a whole name.

Soon the Susan is all past, the land is clean and the green color is not singled with more yellow than some. This shows in the catalogue and in the hair.

All the plate is glass and cleaned with white which are hanging, the whole is spent and there is more than the size.

All the long way to be in that length which makes no more of some cuckoo is not shown by the intermission of every reply. It is so cheerful and the breath which is not all of a response is used some more. There is a sound that came and made the agreeable deplacement of no sign. If it is to be had there is a way to surround the time of day. The sooner sand is not the smell of heating and this more ancient than the day does not mean all the noon.

He can be pleased in the same time as a bright Sunday. He can be dancing so. He can be and he is somewhat. He is altogether.

He and there are the patience, he and all the whole way is uplifted with that and surely the simple thing is to neglect that and to do so.

Soon to have an eye, soon to have plenty of them, soon to have a nose, soon to have plenty of them, soon to have a light soon to have plenty of them.

The argument is that if there is a way there is no need to say that separation means more use than all the cake. That is true, that is a belief. A thorough substance is one that has no particular caterpillar, a caterpillar has no color, this is no loss, there is no less more than there is clothing, it shows that much and anybody can say no, anybody has a hat, a hat has no use, that does not mean that it does shine when there is a plain sight.

All the heavy weight is that color and nobody is more famous than an oaken piece of wood, not any body and every one is famous, every one, when there is no lavender.

Peace to more calm, and rest to more regret that selling is not burdening buying.

Still so many change, the time to say that the change is not a meadow is not to all the same and anyway all have nothing bare. They season their chocolate, they partake tender, the rest is the finish of the street, the houses are adjusted and adjoining. The conclusion is no veil, the breeze is taller and surely walking is something, there is any occasion, there is no pink appurtenance, so much suit, so much harbor, so much that is described in response.

A land is not more seen than a beefsteak and a beefsteak is wasted. All the roast has a sale and all sale is varnish. The section that has the twin set of notwithstanding are all suited with the linen, and more camps are made to fit than there is hair on a peninsular. The reason is so just that a question has that right and a belief is universal that is to say there is no doubt of something.

Drafts are not dark nor is the sea and livelier are the seven months of warning. All the perils are serene, and laughing is not stranger.

Piling for a witness means the boat and all the floating places are so searched, tighter and more of the breathing there makes any swelling so much simpler.

A plain tie makes a connection on Saturday and they are the first. They have that reason, no one can oppose visiting, there is no use in obtaining a station. Time to go away is October. That shows more winter than weather. This does make a written reason.

A bloom on a red thing means that there is a single country. An apple offered means that there is no disgrace. A single thing that has no seeds means that there is land. A same joint and no appetite means that there are no sandwiches.

Like the mantle and the light and the crackling underwear, like the colors that are dark and the mixtures that are bright, like them all there is no destruction, there is no analogy, there is a dislocation, there is no disturbance.

Startling and true the same are few. The presence of many is acute. The death of more is arduous. The relation of all that is in that language. So simple a date makes no hard singing. If it is a wild cow it is tame. The single hair shows the reason in a precise ham. It is a dinner. It is leaning.

Kindling is wood and coal is tonny. That is the blame and a blower is funny. The time comes to state that. There is seriousness.

Blame is not forecast it is a sunrise, how soon is there more shade than light.

A bang is the sound of water, a simple string ties it together. It is so struck that there is water, moisture has a sample of more. There is no sympathy. There is no educator. If the width is more the wider is wider. The width is not a wayside it is the block. There is the color soon. There is no shade. Shadows are a sampler. There is no sampler. The width is precious. It is wading in length. The wide angel has no wet winter. It is not drained wetter.

Bursting no more and being the sample of more of it is not so much simpler than it was. It was so sudden. It was suddenly so much more safer. Then there came the same time and there is analysis, there is the whole time and there is no more simplification than there is. There is very much more. There is that there. There is there more than that. There is.

To avoid a shot means that there is no way to jump. Why should an engagement fit two. There is no cause in despair. The darkness that makes a mind show dirt is that which is practical. The union of all that is wetness, the change is underweight and yet the practical use of length is the same as width. There is that belief.

Ink is black. That is brutal if there are fish.

A church is so enchanted that there is hymning. This makes the question safer.

All the peals that were ruined were those that were stumbling and if these were in the way they were a shop. That means that selling is an obligation.

A clamp is that which when attached has a pin. This keeps it from coming more to say less. This does not show wagering. If the time is between then there is no certain wisdom and yet there is no denial. Why should there be. What is the taste. It is not so painful to see hanging. Hunger is more perforated. That does not mean that there is a change in weight.

No powder, pink is not a color, any color is an order that is to say if a window is not the same every one has that resemblance. Saving no soap and coming in, coming right in means that there is that action. The tone of surprise is uplifting but there is not that disgrace, there is down, that is sinking. Coming in, that is coming and rinsing, that which is used is the room, that which is used is washing, that which is used is not preventing anything resembling any soaking. So much substance, so much receipt, so many more cakes of wintry dancing. Is it astonishing. It is. There is every disturbance. Why is there whether. Why is the Thames warmer.

Packing and not mentioning being adjoining does not mean eye-sight. It does not mean a release from an operation. It is not destroying a button.

So then the price is the same and the size is dependent on the whole piece. It shows no holes clearly. There is no use in scissors.

A kind of wading is not so poisonous as wiped water. The length of a street is not disturbed by the use of slippers. Not at all.

Loud and not louder and the time is stouter and the width is wider and the selection is thicker. No time to be tall and small no time to prick a finger, no time to surprise a noise in the sides and yet all that is used by there being more time there every birthday. Every birthday which is not yesterday has an occupation. An occupation is that which when there is the time shows the center of that which is the lamentation and lamenting does not destroy that use, it does not fulfill a judgement, it does more, it is relined. The same shows more when there is no date. Any reading is simple. The use is all day. A response uses words. They mean that full. The length is more than the joining. There is that reestablishment and no violence. The time is more so than peculiar. There is nothing to see. Reading is action. There is a swim in a way. All the time is an accident. There is a reason. There is that experience of detraction. There there is expression, there is a blame not intending disturbing unattaching unintelligent attention to extreme intention.

Payment and subjoining sin, the length of death is not between, the tooth and the age and more than all, the salt, and more than all also the hard bed and no petition. There is the use in pointing harder than no wind and no other.

This is not white, there is no cream any kind color, there is the time to grow longer and all the same if there is no paper it does not show in the print and pen-wiper. It does not.

It can see more than what, than then. Henry and a doleful danger. There is a sending of a principle line of unpointed apples, and a target, a whole thing is no example. And the caneseat joint is so soundless in quiet cushions. There is no more pen-wiper.

Anything that is everything and everything that is anywhere and everything that is everywhere has no special singular purpose. If purpose is intellectual then there is a garden, if there is a garden there is a fountain, if there is a fountain then there is an intellectual purpose. No respect is resembling that more than the mischief.

To choose more is to choose something. That choice which is admonished is not more dated than that which is remembered and there is a fine display of zeal there certainly is and nothing is more orderly nothing and when there is washing there is interlacing. This means so much cleaning and cleaning which has that sign is the same as the whole time of being peculiar.

Any one is older. Any one is a sight for a beholder. Any one is saved a sickness. And any one is a particular substitute for remaining undetermined and seeing a clean collar. All the same the full service is in the height of a rich thick sandy sticky silence. There is no dispute when there is harmony. All the date is in the place. There are such red ones when they are pretty. A color which shows is one that is not seen anywhere. This will happen. This does not start a subject.

To be reckless and rejoined, to be sad and not forsaken, to be earnest and awake, to be sure that there is freedom, all this makes no difference at all. A sight that disturbed was not that after all there was restraint and to look differently shows that there is a resemblance and that the nation has partaken. The nation has partaken and there is no pleasanter reunion.

To be forced to say that there is no denial, not to be forced but to be rejoiced that comes from the time when there is no hesitation and much ease. Very much ease is more ease than much ease, much ease is more ease than the ease which is not that ease. That comes to be said. That comes to be so said that there is no individual reunion between the first second third fourth and fifth.

A cause for disturbance rests in the fact that more time is used in a long time than in a short time. There is no criticism when the time is long. The time is so long that an answer comes promptly. This is so much the more satisfactory as the occasion for an answer is whenever there is cause for a question. The difference between this and no elaboration is extreme. No elaboration is not achieved in a question nor in an answer and this which is so eminently satisfactory is that there is no doubt that there will be no reason for the occasion. To be faithful is to be accustomed and the custom which is without that reservation has no circumstance to replace it. The time to state that is when there is no reason to doubt a result. There never is a reason to doubt a result if there is a promise. If there is a promise it means that idleness is only another name for a thing.

The whole place is so large that there is no dust and so there not being that there is every occasion for no difference to be noticeable. This makes reading so necessary.

Nothing is perplexing if there is an island. The special sign of this is in dusting. It then extends itself and as there is no destruction it remains a principle. This which makes that reveals that and revelation is not fortuitous it is combined and ordered and a bargain. All this shows the condition to be erect. Suppose that there is no question, if there is no question then certainly the absence of no particular is not designed. And then when it is astonishing it is not liberty. Liberty is that which gathered together is not disturbed by distribution and not given without remark and not disturbed by frugality and an outline. All this makes the impression that is so disturbed that there is no question.

There is no use in denying what any one hearing reading is hearing, there is no use and doing it every day is not tantalising, it is not a bit more tantalising than exaggeration, not a bit and the whole result is spoken out in the best time and place and moment. This increases daily and all the time what if there is meddling, meddling is not automatic, and if it is automatic why should it not be obligatory.

A candle light does not mean that there are candles, a candle light means arithmetic and training and ways of stating a question and it means much more, it means that every night if there is moonlight there is that light, and light has so much place in a lighted place that every one is accustomed to it.

It is so wintry and hair is blowing and all the slippery slides have water on them, it is so summery and wind is water and all that is red is what is burning, the whole excitement, all the wedding shows the spring to be the place where water springs, all the horizon, all the dwelling shows that escaping is not an escapade that is in a suggestion. So to reason and so to eclipse and so to redden the western sun, so to accept and so to annoy and so to have no piece of money, so much so is not a tangible substance, it is intangible and therefore it is sliced.

A toil that has no frozen dish-water, a trembling that has an appetite, a refusal that has a nervous extremity, an expression that has a direction of disregarding, all this shows the essential use of a minority, they show it and they caution it, they do not outrage giving it credit. The time does not come to any one who is pardoned, it comes and then when there is patience when there is use, when there is talking and a table, when there is even a slice of ham, it comes then to be announced that certainly understanding is what is not partial, it is so kind and strong and lengthy that certainly there is no disgrace.

A goose girl is no goose girl when there are geese. A church is a church. A ship is a ship. Thunder is thunder.

Silence which makes silence give that sense to all there is, silence which has light and water and unison and appetite and result and a motion and more exaggeration and no recklessness, silence which is there is not disturbed by expression.

There is no doubt of one thing there is no doubt that the real rate of establishing frequency is that which is used when there are numbers.

What comes out of silence. What comes out of silence is that which having that usefulness, that nature, and that fashion is not shown to be managed by the combination.

Surely silence is sustained and the change is sudden.

Supposing that there was no use for that which there is use for, supposing there was a bridge there where there is what there is, supposing all this and suppose that the enlightenment of everybody consisted in everybody having that condition, supposing all this, this is then the answer that silence gives in answer. The silence that is not preserved, the silence is the same as the characteristic which is not finished.

A pound of paper and no more string, a pound of string and no more leather, no pounds of anything else, does that make indifference, it does, it does make authority. All the calamity that shows origin and design is that which when it is understood is redetermined all this is entitled readministration. There is no use in a pencil, there is no use in any direction of succeeding in experience, there is not one single objection. The wholesale cloth is not handled with a sprinkler, it is so handled that when there is no obligation there is every inducement it is so handled that pathways are mended, it is so handled that there is a single sound. All the same there is no such language, it does not mean by that that the letters are smaller it does not mean that at all.

The strength of purpose which joins resignation with neglect and action with reducing and interpretation with resignation, the strength of purpose which connects distribution with desertion, and pink coloring with bathing, the strength of purpose which does not deny reddening, which does not authorize forbidding which does not disturb utilizing, the strength of purpose which adjusts desertion and exercise and resolution, the strength of purpose which organizes recognition and the disturbing of a perfectly satisfactory reception, the strength of purpose that withdraws no application and registers no reaction and suggests no opening, such a strength of purpose is resolute and reliant and reëstablished, such a strength of purpose has the same service as the expression of recognition, such a strength of purpose has the borrowing of relaxation and the neglect of retardation, such a strength of purpose is selected selecting articles for recollecting, such a strength of purpose has origin and unison, such a strength of purpose has the surface of differentiation, such a strength of purpose has the organ of rehabilitation, such a strength of purpose is not pasting, it is not nailing, it is not swinging, it is not fighting, it is not saving, it is not utilizing the origin of sewing, all the same the strength of purpose is something, it is there, it is worried, it is in the precise situation that nothing shows, it is displaced, it is practiced, it even has a little place to spread a certain kind of preparation, it even is the kind of thing that has celebrations and bursts and specks and a kind of thing that has no particular name but is useful when it is not used in the end, in every way there is adaptation and that does not mean the same as the use of no excuse it means something that any one can see is opposite, it means what is coming to be realized as the intended metal to make nothing of and not be wasted. All the same there is that idea and if there are no more pieces why then there is a difference, there is a kind of way of saying that, there is no doubt that any one can join in with some member and surely if the rest makes no matter what is there any use to say there is no difference. There is none and so the whole thing shows that there is no pot and no dirty winter, all the same it does sound that way.

The shed and the house and any shelter shows mud in winter, it does and it shows in summer as well, it shows it in summer and in winter and it shows so well that anybody says something different, anybody shows something when something is showing, and something is showing whenever there is sauce and there always is that to save and put around. There always is some way to be reconciled to a difference. The whole thing is just shown in their being no celebrated invalid.

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