Geography and Plays, by Gertrude Stein

In the Grass (On Spain)

Occident all Spain the taste.

Milled cautious and plaster and with the heat her trimmed white. Seat silver, seat it next. Poor it in gold hot hoods.

Be cool inside with a monkey tied, with a monkey tied. Be cool inside the mule. Be cool inside with a surrounded tied, a cast, before, behind again, indeed, many.

What in the cut with any money and so, and so the climate is at stake, all the circular receipts are pears and linen is the stall to peep, likely and more the season's chair and little grasses with a pole all the occasion is the wreath and many houses are baked. Many have the same in came and all the light is many wet all the burst in in the man and best to hide is only sweet. All is that and a little haste, a little pleading with a clouded pup all is chance to be the curl that sets and all the winding causes. All of it cucumber.

Cup of lather and moan moan stone grown corn and lead white and any way culture is power, Culture is power. Culture.

Clambering from a little sea, clambering within bathing, clambering with a necessary rest for eye glasses, clambering beside.

A little green is only seen when they mean to be holder, holder why, coal pepper is a tissue.

Come up shot come up cousin, come up cold salmon pearly, come up, come in, nicely, nicely seen, singing, singing with music, sudden leaves loaves and turtles, taught turtles taught turtles teach hot and cold and little drinks.

Colored huts, cold to din acres of as real birds as stole when. Stole when, it is a lie. It is coming to the seal, it is coming how is it. Language of the hold of the sea sucking dart belt and no gowns in, no gowns in pelting. This is the cane that is short and gold more.

Cold not coin in the ground be sour and special and settled and soiled and a little reason. Come then to sort the kinks in how surrounded is a limb.

Cute numbers, cute to be so bold and so sallow and so in the cream and furled, furled with chalk and lights and high bees and little legs heady and little least little cups, least little cups bellow, bellow electric shadows, real old teachers with a private cake of bean and numbers those numbers. Do they pack.

Spanish cut that means a squeeze and in place of water oil and water more. Mine in the pin and see cuttle cuttle fish call that it is that it is sardine, that it is in pelts and all the same there is paper in poles paper and scratches and nearly places.

Guess a green. The cloud is too hold, collected necessary pastes in that shine of old boil and much part much part in thread and land with a pile. The closeness of a lesson to shirt and the reason for a pale cullass is what is the revolution and retaliation and serpentine illustration and little eagle. A long little beagle, a long little scissor of a kind that has choice all this makes a collation.

All winter is dutiful. All the short stays are digestion. All lines are cylindrical that means that there is leading.

Any roast is not leading. Enough pale ways are scratched.

Spend a height all up and only pup, spend it with the soon. And this when. More call. Cane seat in bottom choice makes a melon within. A melon within then.

A little return bitten with a cake set white with ink and size and little parlors healthy with a coat. A keen glance wet with accustomed perspiration. No need to dry, no need to current a sand paper with white seams and long shoals. No more mail in splendor and shape to set sights and little steaders in so hat shoot, shut toes, shut toes with a rid of not that, no that, not that.

A peach a peach pear which means a pear early and looking and near near there, exactly pass the light hall where there is no cover no cover to what.

Suppose it is past the mouth which is peculiar and nervous and left and argued and whiled whiled with a tree.

Less a chain than a loss and pieces of pearly paper that means blue not all and the best choice is moreover.

Naturally lovey naturally a period which is regulated by a perfect beam of carpet and more boats does mean something. It is enough.

A handsome beam a handsome beam is quite like the standing of a little peak shut up and needles all not needles. Rest and zest and powder to shout and color and ball and sweet word black.

Believe, I believe you restruck my cold wet and the dun hit it back choose it set.

Come to why, sit in oil save the sos, all the gone sing in a pin save sit it kit, kit all.

Suppose a little chance to hold a door would leave the door closed would that mean that the sun was in, would it mean messages and a kite, would it mean a sold bone and little pies. The necessary shakes makes a whittle. This is not none.

A little pan, that is to please it, a little which is a point to show that co-incident to a lively boat there is nearly places. That is nobody touching. All the plays garden. Little screen. Not collected and spacious not at all so old. And more places have the behold it. The best example is mustard. A little thing. A little no old shut.

Lot in that which is a place surrounded by a fence. A fence is small it is a wall, a wall is tall it is a tunnel, a tunnel is not necessary to a city. A city is celebrated.

Leave piles steady, show it the moon.

Not cut loud and teasing I bleed you, not quite shadow and niece it lises. This is mike when the land is shooken and left peel short is most to sake and not sublime is moist to ramming and leave it whet is most in chance. Nest bite is way back in the clam of dear gold weights with necessary williams williams wild williams with lamb laden twitches and new-casts and love boosts and most nextily.

Reason with toil and a mark upside down and left boils not knealed with close cracks and moses. A real plume with a no less boiled collander and share.

This is the sport.

Leave it to shut up the right nasal extra ollofactorising sea lights and nearly base more shall sees to the place of the best.

We wide lade the tall tack which squeeze load the no sire and leave more in church maid than rest so to streak.

Mow chases in a spoon and tub, big clam, mow places in a boil a piece. No gas bests.

Look it to peas, loaf it in both spats mean a glass mean in passes in passes a poke and a chair and little cries and a bottle.

A veil and a place seater and a peanut which makes throws so grand.

Never pet never pet a gallon because there is a trunk. A trunk has a bosom. Lead less. Lead prosper pour, poor gold wax and much much tower.

Please place what, place a colored glass. This shows two three eight three nine. This is not sunday. A trouble home.

If a wake means bounded numbers eighty and lately. This is three, show shine five, leave it pare. All that. Seven rough state.

No nuisance is in a married widow with a collection of dear ones in one room nicely. Why is black cooler, black is cooler because spread in makes a little piece of pillow and a coal black lace. This is so best shown.

Suppose it is a parcel of oats and no fat, suppose it is a drill, suppose even that it is a winning centre, this means five and five and five.

Let let let a chief go.

The reason why a laugh is laughed after is that a shed and a shawl and little onions and keys and keys are after all a dog and a curtain and a little less.

Please please please please please.

The more the wet is water the more lilies are tubes and red are rice rows. A little scene and a tall fanner and a flower a hair flower and a shoes and a shoes boots and rubbish all this makes raising please tease and a little likeness noises.

A gain again pounds. Agate in pets, love biscuits, a time.

Again in leaves of potatoes and cuts, cuts with, with in, in him, a length.

A little belly a little belly cold, speed out stuff, stuff alike, alike shirts and goats and get ups and laid car cases.

All a bill, a bill boaster. Suppose it happened when, when a little shadow was a tail and a can a can was gathering. Gathering then.

Suppose a clandestine roof had tires and could neglect a blue spot suppose it was the end and three places were necessary a like view would be charming charming, charming weather.

Cries is, coming, a leg, all a leg, two utter, more children, no narrow, read a little.

If a horse and a bat and a gathering bleed stir and a chin and a cloth and early ear marks and then such such raiding and little lives and a multiplied purple, all the spool all of it cloth and gets gets out and a piece of reasonable white jacket and a hair a long pail and all bone some binding and a little season silk.

Grand mutter grand mutter shell, real core, real oak plate.

Lara Lara Psyche, Lara Lara three brothers and a mother, sister sister and a new year a new year not christmas, christmas is off off of it. Really.

Three brothers and mother. Leave it fit to a string and there is a ball a ball a hat, a hat a special astracan, a kind of loaf, a real old seventeen checkers. Come to be in, see the table and the look and the little day tomorrow, it is Thursday Friday, Friday, Friday in a day to Sunday, Sunday Sunday, Monday Monday Monday Wednesday and seventy failing out sights.

A son what is a son, a son is in the sitting room and in a central carry ball. A son is not a sister diamond, it is so noted.

Whispers, whispers. Whispers not whiskers, whiskers, whiskers and really hair. Hair. Hair is when two are in and show gum.

Kiss a turn, close.

Suppose close is clothes, clothes is close.

Be less be seen, stain in burr and make pressure. This is bit.

Excel a line, a line is in end purple blue, yes guess show packets and it it it.

Spain is a tame name with a track a track so particular to shame, a track a little release in sold out casts a little next to saleable old cream. Able to pass.

A land steam, a cold cake, a received egg check, an oleander.

Lessen pay a corridor, meal passes.

Necklace, strings.

Necklace, strings, shoulder.

Newly set tea, tea be hold.

Tea behold.

If the soiling carries the head, if the baking measures the pint, if the rudening leans on a strand then shutters.

No need to say a little deaf way is a goat, a goat has a pin in him. Leave glasses, glasses are so cactuses.

Able able ever grass her, get up fern case, get up seize.

Noble and no noble and no next burr, net in and bee net in and bee next to shown miner. Next to beat bean, next to beat bean next to be blender, next to between, next to between in intend intender. In tender.

A laugh in cat, coal hot in. A remembrance of a direct realteration with no bust no buster, no bust here.

Suppose it a glaze a glaze of curtain a fetch in pots a news camper, supper the next old meat oak and kneel kneel with excellent excellent least sands and neck stop. That is.

What you call them what you call them say butter butter and let us leaves and a special a realteration lace a realteration lace.

Next all, next all, inks.

It was a strange name that which when a record of a lucine and naughty bent made it by that that nearly any excellent shade of night glasses made a pleasing and regular hair.

A wet syllable is we are, a wet syllable is we are we in.

A Spanish water and a coop shape mine and legs and reed ridiculous red, and little lively hue, little lively hue and copper, little lively hue and copper up.

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