Geography and Plays, by Gertrude Stein

I Must Try to Write the History of Belmonte

If Maddalena comes I am going to be asleep. You can entertain your enemy much quicker. If a servant is your friend there is no getting rid of her.

Belmonte is a bull-fighter. I have not seen him. He is sick. He had bronchitis and now he's wounded. They put him in a specially prepared place and they say the wound is serious. He will recover. It is said that the Queen hit the King. Not here. In Greece. So be it.

This is going to be the story of Cook. Oh yes that will be alright.

The story of Belmonte is that we know he is hurt in the leg. A Mexican is to take his place. The man at the Cafe Artistos after much experience likes him better and says that though not good looking has better technique.

The dog. He thought he wanted it at once. The curtain. They wanted it and liked to look with a telescope. First he came that way then the same women had places. They can read.

Cook does and he says and he is kind to all. He has french as a friend and he speaks Mallorcan. He understands all. He is so kind.

Continually fatten. They continually fatten. She is so. She likes it. She says she is dreadfully bitten.

This is the way they met. He was abroad and he was used to English. Not to speak but to be disappointed. He was never disappointed. He spoke it. He called it. He spoke in a low tone. He said I am sorry I have no faults I am without fear but I have no money, I am not afraid of that and I am not reckless. I am very careful. I always pay back.

He does. He never said I said so. I said Mrs. Hardy was right when she said he had honest eyes. He is fond of swimming.

We saw it. She could not go because it was hot. The one who was advertised was a failure. The other one the one we had seen had learnt how to do somethings very nearly and he did it using all his old vigor and carrying it successfully. A man of talent and plenty. He had blue eyes. He was carried away. By whom. By many men. They were really there. The other one is one one is not sorry for. He is too old for yesterday and we remember him. We remember him at the same time two years ago and he was not the strongest man or even the good one. I do not understand why they speak to him.


We have not seen him.

After all he doesn't talk french very fluently and so perhaps it would be better if only you came to dinner. Of course you know best.

The moon.

The moon rises more to the left every night considerably more.

I remember how I felt about it, we began on top and slowly came down and this time we were down but there was no liveliness in it. Even if there had been anything delicate it would not have been pleasurable. That's how I felt about it.

Don't listen to her.

In places they go to see their husbands. They wait until he is off the boat. Then they rush.

It is a sweet story.

Don't come up after ten. If you want to come come alone that's alright but don't come with Fanny after ten.

I love you Fanny Fanny is your name isn't it.

This is they way they disturb him.

Belmonte Belmonte.

They are going to have an opportunity at night. Not he. Horses. They are going to do it in the way we have not seen. It is not right to wear those clothes made by a dressmaker who eats lunch. No.

All men are dark and women white.

We went out and saw six soldiers and a woman.

A little boy Bartholomew goes to school in the hot weather August and June. Also July. July and August. His father is proud. He says he does not eat too much. He does not eat enough. He learns English french spanish and Arabic. Arabic is for the Arabs. He learns it so that he can speak it. He is not a son of a baker. He is the son of a hotel keeper. A small hotel. Nobody sleeps there.

Capable of studying. He is capable of studying. We were not sure that she was french. We thought she spoke it. How do you know how to say we do not care about lemonade.

We have not yet mentioned that on the twenty-first there will be an opportunity to see fighting when it is lighted by electric light. We will certainly go by this means. They say that the effect is not interesting.

This is not the history of Belmonte because there are so many mounted men. We said we did not admire them here but we have admired them. We said this instructedly. Today we were pleased to see our servant. He said that electricity does not work on Sunday.

Cook works.

He said he asked every one about Guano and they said he worked better than Belmonte. If so they are both of the school of Gallito, in the manner of Gallito who does continually what he does a little. He is no doubt incorrect in what he had heard. He often is. He does not understand. Nevertheless there are horses and electric light. We will see.

Today we walked. We walked up and around the hill. One would speak of this as not having taken a very long time. We were full of discussion. We were frightened that evening. No we weren't. Certainly we said we were plain. Dear things. What is it.

This is not like his painting. Talk about Mathilda.

Grief for Belmonte.

He did not hurt his foot. It was Cocherita of Bilbao. who hurt his foot. He hurt it so badly that he cannot walk.

Tonight it is very different.

Cocherita de Bilbao. He is not an American. Torquito is. He reminds us of it. He is very successful. He is intelligent and he is strong and he has blue eyes in the distance. I saw him very near.

Horses. Why are horses blind. They are in one eye.

What does a lizard want to get. He wants to get Polybe. Who will train him, who will wash him. Who is beside him. Where is he. We do not know.

Cook is such a believer in parent's age. He says it all the time he is certainly or thirteen or fourteen plus seventeen. I mean it. I think he is older. We never hear about Belmonte.

When they gave a dinner the other day Belmonte was not there.

Plan this. You meant to walk up to the horse kneeling on one knee throw your weight on the barrier and relieve the attack relieve it by planting sharp stars into his shoulder relieve it by stroking the horn, by hurrying. This was the plan and he did it again. He continued to assure the attack by not being quick. He was very quick. This is the way to pursue it. Follow it about and have the understanding with the uncertainty. Nothing is uncertain to him. He is a wretch. We can be angry. We were disappointed Belmonte was not there and we had paid as if he were.

I remember long dashes. Mr. Kitchener said that he was to go and he would meet him. Mr. Potter he said if you will go later I will be there. Mr. Potter did not go or he would not have met him. Mr. Kitchener did not go neither did Mr. Potter. Belmonte had his foot hurt. He is still in the hospital.

They were here to eat their dinner. They ate their dinner and they advised us to get sea-weed. They said seaweed. He said seaweed contains iodine which is very important for medicine. It is very important in medicine. Belmonte uses it for his foot. He uses it to put on his foot. Belmonte uses it on his hurt foot. It is put on his foot a great deal. They use it often. They use it on his foot whenever he is hurt. He has been hurt.

Belmonte was hurt. His foot was not hurt. It was just above his foot and there he was seriously hurt.

Necessarily the secret of Belmonte. I do not wish to weep. I forget war and fear and courage and dancing. I forget standing and refusing. I believe choices. I choose Gallo. He is a cock. He moves plainly.

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