Geography and Plays, by Gertrude Stein

The Psychology of Nations
What are You Looking at

We make a little dance.

Willie Jewetts dance in the tenth century chateau.

Soultz Alsace dance on the Boulevard Raspail

Spanish French dance on the rue de la Boetie

Russian Flemish dance on the docks.

Bread eating is a game understand me.

We laugh to please. Japanese.

And then to seize. Blocks.

Can you remember what you said yesterday.

And now we come to a picture.

A little boy was playing marbles with soldiers, he was rolling the balls and knocking down the soldiers.

Then came a presidential election.

What did he do. He met boys of every nationality and they played together.

Did they like it.

In the middle of the presidential election they had a bonfire.

A policeman stopped them.

What can a policeman do, they said.

What is older than that.

Any baby can look at a list.

This is the way they won Texas

Let us go to the right.

It is wonderful how boys can fill.


Water swells.

We swell water.

To be lapped and bloated.

With urgency and not necessity and not idiocy.

All men are intelligent.

Please beg a boy.

Then they all danced.

How can a little Pole be a baby rusher.


Readings in missions.

Who can neglect papers.

When boys make a bonfire they do not burn daily papers.

It was pleasing to have some mutton.

Suppose a presidential election comes every fourth year.

Startling, start, startles jump again.

Jump for a feather.

A feather burns.

Indians burn have burned burns.

A boy grows dark.

He can really read better better than another.

I cannot decline a celebration.

Do you remember the Fourth of July.

And do you.

Read readily and so tell them what I say.

Jump to the word of command.

Jump where

In there

Not eating beans or butter.

Not eating hair.

Not eating a little

When the presidential election is earnest we are only a year.

A year is so far in May.

Can you love any September.

The little boy was tall.

Dear me.

I have asked a lady to burn wood.

The boy touches the wall.

The boy is tall.

I am thinking that the way to have an election is this. You meet in the street. You meet. You have the election.

That is why horses are of no use.

We do resist horses when we are not afraid of them.

Can one expect to be a victory.

Three long thousands.

Expect to be met.

The boy is satisfied to be steady.

Study me.

Why can't we have a presidential election.


The boy grows up and has a presidential election.

The president is elected.

Why do the words presidential election remind you of anything.

They remind us that the boy who was in the street is not necessarily a poor boy.

Nor was he a poor boy then.


Veils and veils and lying down.

Lying down in shoes.

Shoes when they are new have black on the bottom.

We saw today what we will never see again a bride's veil and a nun's veil.

Who can expect an election.

A boy who is the son of another has a memory of permission.

By permission we mean print.

By print. Solution.

Settle on another in your seats.

Kisses do not make a king.

Nor noises a mother.

Benedictions come before presidents.

Words mean more.

I speak now of a man who is not a bother.

How can he not bother.

He is elected by me.

When this you see remember me.

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