Geography and Plays, by Gertrude Stein

Land of Nations.
[Sub-title And Ask Asia]

After these introductions I wish to say something I wish to say that I am entirely agreed that the best way to meet together is to deny that you wish to spend money. We don't want to spend the money.

They went to spend their money. We all spend our money in this way I spend my money and what do I have. I have a car. That is to say I have spent my money. I do spend my money but not in this way. I do not spend my money in this way. I spend my money. Did you say you had the money. Indeed indeed I believe you there. This is a country. A fine country. This is a fine country. Let us begin with this one which is this country entirely and in this order.

Then we have the country. Let us imagine the country. A country with a wait and wait by me and wait by me and always always always always wait and always wait and always wait and always always wait and wait by me. This is the country I have mentioned. It means to be with us. Then there is a very late country and we wish to embark we wish to embark it altogether. In the midst of money we are whistling.



I am angry. Have you been.

I am angry with a din.

I am angry so you see.

Egypt and for Syrie.

I am angry as you hear.

I am angry for the bier.

I am angry for the waist.

I am angry in the taste.

I am angry to the touch.

You can make me see that much.

I am angry and I sigh.

England will be going by.

Going to buy not going to buy.

I am angry and I sigh.

And then in the midst of smoke there was Fiume. I can never make a poem about Italy. About Italy you do, you address, bless and say adieu. Adieu Italy beautiful Italy adieu.

A great many countries have a name.

Let me think of the house and the best.

A house a boat a victory and an alert. In the way of rhyming. I can think of so much. Dirt, flirt and spurt. Do you see any difference. I do. Discourage England, and say you mean well.

Here is a poem.


Ambler Curran.

Amber is found on the shores of the Baltic.

Like wild asparagus you must have an eye for it.

All animals howl.

All animals or a barnyard fowl.

All animals are stars

All animals and bars.

Please pay a monkey a dear or a sweet.

Please pay a lion a pheasant or a street.

Please recognize a mother a head or an owl.

Please recognize a feather a heather or a soul. Please recognize the weather. What do you live for.

Climate and the affections. Jews quote that.

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